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"You have too many plugs for each socket"

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saltire · 03/09/2007 10:13

Just had MHS round, as many of our sockets have sparks ocming from them (none of them have a switch, you just plug the thing in and it works). 18 items have fused theirselves repeatedly over the past 3 months, two of the sockets are hanign off the wall. In my diningroom - which is a kitchen diner - there are 2 sockets in the half. Into this we have one of those extension things with 5 extra sockets. Plugged into this are the monitor, keyboard, printer anda lamp. The other socket is for the tumbel dryer.
In the living room we have two double sockets in opposite corners. In one we have an adaprtor plugged in with TV and DV, and in the other we have a lmap and sky box. In the other corner we have stereo and phone in one and lamp in the other.
The bedroom sockets also spark when things are taken out, or put in.

MHS said today "It's your own fault things are fusing, you have too many plugs in each socekt, do your really need to ahve all those plugs on in the dining room".

Yes I told them, modern living means I have a lot of electrical equipment, do you think its acceptable to have 3 sockets in a kitchen, considering I have my cooker plugged into one, leaving 2 sockets for fridge, freezer, kettle, toaster and microwave?

Dh is going to phone them and tell them that he wants the house rewired because he doesn't think its safe.

OP posts:
samandtomsmum · 03/09/2007 10:26

i would ring them to has it dosent sound to great,and has for the kitchen i dont think it is to many plugs in that is modern technology,but the house we are in now is very old and they told us that until we kick up a fuss and they looked in to it

Eildiina · 03/09/2007 16:11

Samandtomsmum lives in the same estate to myself and I think you could count how many plus we have in our kitchen on 1 hand. We dont even have plumbing for a washing maching in our kitchen that has to go in the downshtairs toilet!

TheQueenOfQuotes · 03/09/2007 16:14

actually if you have too many plugs in each socket it can cause fusing....

saltire · 03/09/2007 16:16

QoQ, I know that, but surely we should be able to expect a decent amount of sockets in a Modern house. ok it's not modern in that it was built years ago, but it's classed as a grade 2 (those in the military will know what I'm on about).

OP posts:
Scootergrrrl · 03/09/2007 16:34

All the electricity on the upstairs floor of our lovely quarter blew last week - something to do with too much work for the one socket per bedroom.... Tossers

saltire · 03/09/2007 16:36

I'm worried that will happen to us scootergirl we shouldn't have to put up with it though should we. We pay to live in these crappy houses, and I believe the rents are going up in the next few years to bring them in line with "civilian rents in the area", so that means £500-£700 a month in some areas then.

OP posts:
Scootergrrrl · 03/09/2007 20:05

My major concerns about the plugs going were a) that DD would start waking in the night as her Kidsleep clock wasn't working and b) I couldn't use my hairdryer (am shallow bimbo )
Only eight weeks or so to get them fixed (not an emergency, see)
I'm also in dispute with our version of MDH (am in Germany so it's GWA)about why it's somewhat unsafe to have sliding doors on the undersink cupboard of the world's oldest, crappest kitchen (no child lock in the world will fit - I've checked!) so 15-month-old DS can amuse himself with the bleach every time I go to the loo.

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