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Do you Name change on here when discussing

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Reeds67 · 12/06/2019 09:01

Whenever I mention anything about DH job or our way of life whatever I say gets turned around.

He's having an affair / he's got a second family.

If I mention we are struggling financial they say he can't be telling the truth.

Anyone else?

I've name changed for this too 😂🙈

OP posts:
Dragonfree · 19/06/2019 09:55

I'm a little bit confused by your post....

However, yes I have multiple usernames and I'm very careful about what I post under which. Especially if I mention anything DH job related.

mpsw · 11/08/2019 21:40

Yes, I post in this username when I want military background to be obvious (should anyine be minded to AS me)

I agree that contributons from non-military families can sometimes be spectacularly unhelpful , so a specific topic can be quite handy

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