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MHS - been at my house 3 times this morning

12 replies

groundskeepersaltire · 03/07/2007 10:48

1st time - "we've come to fix your collapsed ceiling". That's nice but I don't have a collapsed ceiling, yet according to their work sheet I do, it was raised at 6am this morning.
Then another 2 arrived, "here to fix your burst water tank, leaking into house", raised at 6.05 am.

Then third time "here to fix you gas boiler at it's not working".

Now either someone is playing silly beggars and using our address, or someone has got a genuine problem and they hav egiven the wrong postcode when phoning it through and it's meant ofr a different street.

OP posts:
luciemule · 03/07/2007 13:27

That's so funny - not for you though - I reckon someone's being daft - as bad as some quarters are, it's a bit unlikely that you'd get all three probs at once!

LennyLapin · 03/07/2007 13:30

Someone's taking the piss. Have you phoned MHS to complain?

I had them round yesterday to mow the lawn, after I complained that they did my neighbours and not ours. One of the guys who came was really embarassed - he told me his colleague had looked over our fence and said "nah, doesn't need doing".

WHAT! If it had got much higher, I'd have got lost in it. Lazy git. Anyway, they've done a lovely job now.

luciemule · 03/07/2007 13:36

Lennylapin - how do you mean - mow the lawn? Do they mow your lawn (back lawn)?

LennyLapin · 03/07/2007 13:37

Yes. And allegedly they clean the windows - never had THAT done in 2 years.

luciemule · 03/07/2007 14:04

Where is this then - is everyone in a married quarter entitled to have their back grass cut and windows cleaned and if so, how do I get this done?

LennyLapin · 03/07/2007 14:30

umm, it might be an officers thing... I don't know. Ring up MHS, be bold, say "why hasn't my lawn be cut?!" and see what they say .

SAMANDTOMSMUM · 03/07/2007 14:57

hi ya i live in married quarters they cut the front for us but never had my back cut rang MHS even when hubby was away and i was pregnant i got told was not entilted makes me mad,and groundskeepersalitare did u manage to sort out with MHS

LennyLapin · 03/07/2007 15:06

samandtomsmum, why are you all in Caps? it's like you are shouting all the time...

groundskeepersaltire · 03/07/2007 15:20

I did get it sorted, apparently they were supposed to go to a house with a similar postcode to mine, and same door number.I think the fault lay with MHS, when whoeve rhad reported it gave the postcode, MHS took it down wrong.
The person who's house they should have gone to had been on the phone saying it was raining and his roof was elaking! poor soul.

When I lived in Scotland I got the grass cut if DH was out of area for more than 30 consecutive days, it was done through the HIVE, or at least that's who you booked it with, it was the guys who cut the grass on communal areas that did it. might just have been a local/RAF thing though

OP posts:
luciemule · 03/07/2007 16:24

Blimey - that grass thing is a bit sexist (ie -only do it if your DH is away!).

However, I'd be the first to take full advantage of such a scheme - pity I didn't know about it for the last 6 months!!!

samandtomsmum · 03/07/2007 17:36

sry lennylapin just for u i have took it of caps sry

iesha · 04/07/2007 23:13

Hi all, I don't know if it's the same for everyon but we were entitled to 1 lawn cut and 1 hedge/tree trim whenwe first moved in. we still haven't used tree trim (saving it for when DH is away and FIL can't visit) but they did the lawn without being asked in the first week we were here. Confused the hell out of us at first when we found out that the other hadn't done it we had to ask the neighbours who had.

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