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SGTs Mess dress help

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Woody1983 · 18/08/2018 23:37

We are going to our first ball in the SGTs mess (RAF), the battle of Britain ball in September.
Does anyone have any examples of what you have worn in the past?

I ordered a few from quiz and liked them all. Thought I had chosen one then hubby mentions that the skirt part is funny looking 😭😬😡 FML. Help!

OP posts:
Woody1983 · 18/08/2018 23:41

Here's what I had planned on wearing, and was going to cover shoulders with a shawl

OP posts:
frecklefox · 14/11/2018 13:27

It'll be fine, just take your shawl and never mind anyone who just "doesn't like it", the point is it's appropriate Smile

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