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UKBC Cyprus posting

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lilminx · 09/06/2018 10:57

Hi newbie here.
I've read the other Cyprus post but have my own questions. We are currently in Germany (6 years now) and I hate it here. turely hate it. I'm desperate to return to the UK and pick up some of my old life.

My husband is a UKBC and we have been toying with the idea of going to Cyprus. My daughter has High Functioning ASD. the paediatricion here who also serves Cyprus said the secondary schools aren't great with kids with additional needs which is a real worry. can anyone shed any light on this? We would be in Akroteri so she would attend St John's

also what is the cost of living like out there? most of the jobs I've seen online are for the schools which I don't fancy. I've worked here in Germany my whole time here and I think if i don't work in Cyprus I'll go nuts. so the job thing again is a worry.

I've been told by ex Cyprus posters that the infrastructure is terrible and most of the housing is a crumbling mess! I'm turely terrified by this as it seems UKBCs get given the worst housing...defo true in Germany

is there many activities and clubs my daughter can attend here in Germany there isn't much
Thanks x

OP posts:
FrenchFancie · 18/07/2018 06:22

We’re currently in Cyprus, husband is a UKBC, so I might be able to help!
It’s true that St. John’s isn’t always awesome for those with additional needs, but it does vary so get in touch with them and see. You will also need medical clearance to come out, so it’s worth a chat with the med centre in akrotiri if you can.
The housing in Aki is mostly very new - built since 2000 so nice, but some is less good, built in the 1970s and a bit crumbly.
Jobs wise - there are limited numbers of dependant jobs but what there are tend to be in the schools and nursery- or office admin type stuff. Childcare can be a pain to get but you may not need it.
Cost of living is ok - things are more expensive but the COLA offsets it.
I love cyprus, we really enjoy living here. It’s not the uk and you have to make the best of it!

FrenchFancie · 18/07/2018 06:23

Oh and as for clubs - there’s plenty of sporting things (martial arts / sailing horse riding etc) and on Aki there’s a good youth club.

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