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Polishing medals?

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NatashaRomanov · 07/10/2015 18:12

Just hoping to get some good advice here!
My husband is ex-RAF, and has a medal from being in Afghanistan that is looking tarnished. His veterans' badge too.

Any military/wives/ex-military have a good way to make them all pretty again?

Would a silver/jewellery polishing cloth work? Silver dip?

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NatashaRomanov · 07/10/2015 18:13

Oops, pressed post too soon!

Thanks in advance, anyone!

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OnePlanOnHouzz · 16/10/2015 13:35

Be careful - some chaps are funny about others polishing their bling !!!
Make sure you 'ask' first !! Smile

Polyethyl · 16/10/2015 13:38

My Iraq medal came with a care and maintenance slip of paper in the box, saying do not use brass or silver polish. Mine is tarnishing too. I don't know how to polish it.

Polyethyl · 16/10/2015 13:42
NatashaRomanov · 21/10/2015 13:30


One, oh he can do it, I just said i'd look up the recommended way. No way am I taking responsibility!

Thanks Polyethyl. I will forward that link to him.

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