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Some daft questions about returning Navy ship!

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BeforeTheWorst · 23/01/2014 10:50

My nephew is due back from his deployment soon ish, we've just been told the date in a phone call from him. He is 21 and this was his first deployment and we would love to be waiting for him on the dock side when he returns. We live up north so its a big journey and expensive and i don't know where to start!

Firstly, will we get to know what time the ship is due in? We were planning to go down the day before but would have to leave later in the day of the day its due as I have to be back at work. Do we just stand on the dock side and then when the ship has docked and they have dismebarked do they have to go back to collect things before coming home? Or do they not get to come home that day?

Finally, whereabouts in Plymouth is a good place to stay to be near the docks?

We went down when he passed out a couple of years ago but that was easier as we had instructions on what to do and where to stay!

My mum is his NOK so she may get some more information nearer the time as I guess although he has been told the date this may change if circumstances change where he is?


OP posts:
officelady · 23/01/2014 11:18

If the ship is coming back from a major deployment he will get detailed instructions for relatives who want to come and watch the ship come in. I imagine he will email this to his mum? The Navy usually organises coach transport from a designated car park at the dockyard entrance to the place where the ship will be tied up when it arrives. You can only go into the naval dockyard if your name is on the list so don't turn up as a surprise or you won't get in! Last time I went there were refreshments & entertainment laid on in a marquee while we waited for the ship. Usually once the ship arrives and is all securely tied up you are allowed to go on board and wait in the Mess while they get changed & get their kit together. They will be allowed off the ship to start their leave at a designated time (unless they are on duty, but usually this is done by volunteers who don't have family coming).
When we are down in Plym we usually stay at the Premier Inn near the Barbican or at the Holiday Inn on the Hoe. Not particularly near the dockyard but cheap, nice and lots of nice places to eat nearby.

BeforeTheWorst · 23/01/2014 11:57

Thank you! this is just what I needed to hear, I had thought the Navy would issue instructions as the passing out parade was very well run so its good to hear we will probably get something in writing soon.

Cheers for your help Grin

OP posts:
pigglepaggle · 28/02/2014 17:52

We travelled down to Portsmouth last year to welcome my son home after a 9 month deployment. We had to give him our car reg no and names of people in the party. Travelled down the day before and stayed overnight in a nearby Premier Inn. On the day we parked in the Navys secure car park.
It was a wonderful day. There were loads of familys and friends there with flags and banners. Brass band, Lord Mayor and a catering tent.

We got the chance to go on board. Bit of an eye opener to see the living quarters. Our son collected his kit and he was allowed home with us for a weekend then back to base :(

Hope you have a wonderful time.

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