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Christmas Ball HELPPPP,

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Rubes27 · 20/10/2013 20:49

Ok so, for the first time in 4 years of being with OH we are attending the Christmas ball, it always seems that we miss it because of being deployed or me being very heavily pregnant ect ect ect!
Anyway - this year is my first time and I'm in a panic about my dress!! I've asked what everyone else wears and his reply? "Dresses" Shock
after 4 weeks of asking I've got that the dress code is "cocktail dresses below the knee"
Do I need a certain colour? Do my shoulders need to covered? Am I aloud (a little bit) cleavage???
Any links to appropriate dresses will be greatly appreciated!

OP posts:
pinkem · 22/10/2013 22:28

It will depend on the mess, sorry not much help Grin I would cover my shoulders with either a shawl or bolero cardi. Dress can be any colour, small amount of cleavage should be fine Grin
For dresses look at debenhams, house of frazer, John Lewis, monsoon... Or google cocktail dresses below knee. Enjoy Smile

NumTumRedRum · 22/10/2013 22:44

But do make sure it is below the knee! They really do enforce it, or did in my exh's particular mess. But yes all the above shops are good. Have fun, I miss that part of Army life.

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