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Dh thinking of joining up

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Nicnacnurse · 13/09/2013 18:13

Hi everyone I'm just wanting some advice and information about life in the military. Dh has wanted to join the army for years and we are in a position now where we are thinking that this is the most appropriate time for him to join.

We have 2 DC's aged 5 & 3. I am a nurse and was thinking of joining up too either for the army or the TA. If we were both to join up would that be taken into account when they allocated the deployments? For example would they just send us one at a time?
Would we be housed in a military base or live in a private rented/owned house?

Any insight into this life is very gratefully appreciated as I have no clue what to expect good or bad!!

Thanks in advance Grin

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CoolaSchmoola · 13/09/2013 21:55

Whilst your husband is in basic training (up to 24 weeks in some roles) you will not be entitled to service families accommodation. Once he has finished training you would become entitled to occupy a married quarters. In some areas these are on camp, in others they are out in the local area. There is a shortage of quarters in some areas and in that scenario the mod rent houses for families to live in. You can live in your own home, after training.

If you both join the Army they won't take that into consideration when it comes to deployments. Everything comes down to service need, so if you are both in deploying units you both go. It's different if one of you is TA as you can request not to go.

There are pros and cons to service life, the main con being EVERYTHING is second to the Army, the main pro you build friendships that will last forever. It can be lonely and amazing, frightening and fun.

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