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Forces sweethearts

Royal Navy basic training DS1 starts tomorrow.

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cheeseandwino · 25/05/2013 13:42

Hi, what should he (and me) expect? He is a lovely kid, but he's disorganised, untidy and 'gobby'. How the heck is he going to cope?

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WingDad · 27/05/2013 17:13

Disorganised and untidy are pretty easy to sort out with some stern direction and rigid timetables, very common amongst new recruits. Gobbiness will disappear on Day 1 if he demonstrates it in front of the staff, he'll regret he said anything if they hear him!

The Directing Staff will mould him into a fine sailor, I'm sure.

cheeseandwino · 28/05/2013 18:21

Thanks for the advice Wingdad. He has never been gobby at college or scouts - I think he actually works better in a structured environment, so fingers crossed. Still not convinced that he will return as a tidy and organised young man....we shall see!

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