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Rules on moving you when pregnant

10 replies

WeatherWitch · 20/05/2012 11:56

Random question - anyone know what the rules say about whether they can move you if you're PG? Seem to remember reading somewhere that they can't but that may be wishful thinking. I'm RN and due to be moving base port in Sept, but we were trying pretty hard during DH's last spell at home, and although it's a couple of days before I can test with any hope of an accurate result, my breasts feel like balloons, I just burst into tears at the BBC news and I don't normally get PMT so I'm being irrationally hopeful...

And yes, I could just wait until I get back to work on Tues and look it up myself, by which time I'll have been able to test, but it's Sunday and I'm on my own with too much time to think!

OP posts:
VirtuousVamp · 20/05/2012 20:01

Are you RN or just DH?

We moved during both my pregnancies - at 7 and 8 months pg - first time we only had hiring confirmed 4 days before move day! And had to do a 12 hour round trip drive in very bad snow to view house before they'd let us accept it! At that stage i'd have lived in a stable!! Grin

But then I'm a put upon army wifeWink. And it's what I signed up for!!Grin. If you are actually serving too, I don't know obviously!!

Haven't helped at all have I?!Grin

Good luck with it all. Hope you get the news you want very soon!Smile

Saltire · 20/05/2012 20:06

I've moved when pregnant, twice. I don't see what difference it makes really?Confused

MrsSnaplegs · 20/05/2012 20:10

I'm serving RN and have been moved during pregnancy - in fact some on here will remember the saga as I was moved jobs when 12 weeks pregnant but they didn't have SFA available until 5 weeks before my due date and we moved with less than a weeks notice. I spent most of my pregnancy living in the wardroom of an old grotty mess and commuting home to DH and DD at weekends through London Sad

WeatherWitch · 20/05/2012 20:24

I'm serving RN. A friend of mine was adamant that they can't make you change your ante-natal care from one location to another, especially if you're planning on a home birth, but then she's well known for talking phenomenal quantities of bullshit so I was suspicious. MrsSnaplegs - that sounds pretty grim, and I suspect exactly what I'd be in for after the conversation I had with the SFA people last week. Will make a BFN this week almost welcome!

Thanks all :)

OP posts:
MrsSnaplegs · 20/05/2012 20:26

Where are you moving to?

MrsSnaplegs · 20/05/2012 20:27

If its Pompey area I can probably advise on where to ask forGrin

WeatherWitch · 20/05/2012 20:44

Culdrose - apparently they're short of accom. Going to get the application in this week and hope they can find me something, since the thought of living in the mess there (and DH camping out in a single cabin with me on his leave periods) doesn't appeal. Hey ho, it's a good life most of the time... :)

OP posts:
MrsSnaplegs · 20/05/2012 20:46

Sorry no experience down there - don't forget if they can't offer you a suitable house then you are entitled to a private hiring - our problem was a disagreement over the suitability bit Smile

WeatherWitch · 20/05/2012 20:58

4 walls and a roof will suit me, as long as it's not that grim 1960s mess! :)

OP posts:
AlfieBear87 · 21/05/2012 21:33

My DH is RAF - he was moved whilst I was 35 weeks pregnant but they didn't have a house for us so I had to stay at old base whilst hubby was at new base. Unfortunately my hips gave way (severe PGP) a week later and I couldn't walk or drive so MIL had to come and 'babysit' me during the week :( we finally got keys to new house 19 days before DS arrived. Stressful does not begin to cover it! And I know we signed up for the life but we requested a house in June and we finally got one in November! seems slightly ridiculous to me!

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