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Bodge it n Scarper

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MrsSnaplegs · 04/04/2012 13:58

So Bodge it n scarper are here under direction of defence homeless solutions or whatever they call themselves this week
It has been decided to paint the exteriors of the houses - window frames, gutter down pipes, gate posts, garage doors etc
No prep work of removing loose old paint or rust done, painted the gate post that is falling over (but no money to fix that) just slap on a bit of fresh paint and all will be well
Nothing that needs doing actually being done so no fixing of the holes around the window frames or the damp in the bedrooms or the holes in the roof!
Oh and the painters Dad is here as well and just walked into my garden without asking - luckily I was sat in the sun with the kids and he saw me and left!

OP posts:
gladbag · 05/04/2012 07:46

I'm v cynical but I assume it's so the MQs look good from a distance, lovely new paint job and all, despite falling apart inside. PR innit? Ours were done a few weeks ago. They painted over the ivy Grin I spoke to our housing officer and he was v honest - he's been desperately trying to get budget for other things (collapsing garage block, awful damp problems in houses, kitchens that are falling apart etc etc ) but there has been no funding released except for painting exteriors.... Hmmm.

MollyMaz · 05/04/2012 10:30

Watching the events unfold at the empty house next door.......I can't believe the idiocy of MHS.......lay the new carpets then get the painters in!
That's on top of the 8-year old curtains being left up during painting....and the house not being cleaned properly so the painter are just slapping it on over dirt & dust!
I know times are hard, but DHE & MHS would help their reputation if they actually checked on these cowboys and handed out contracts to reputable companies.

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