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Nesty · 17/01/2012 00:38

I'm normally pretty upbeat and cope with most of what the army throws at us but DH is being deployed again my son is 4 and this will be his fathers 3rd time away we also have a 2 year old they squabble constantly and we're new to the area.For some reason this time I have just the most awful thoughts and worries I just cannot seem to shake the feeling something terrible is going to happen.
I feel I can't talk to anyone as my friends just say don't be silly nothing will happen and I would never share my fears with him as I'd hate for him to be worrying about us at home.
Also I don't want the boys picking up my anxiety at the moment I am just so hacked off with the army I feel like our life is on hold waiting to start.
And just worried how the hell am I going to cope with another 7mth tour by the time he goes I know i'll have pulled myself together and I'll get on with it spend late nights reading the AIBU threads.That feels better already just putting into words how hacked off you feel and knowing there are other people who've been in the same position and come out the other side.

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SandyChick · 17/01/2012 11:15

I understand exactly how you feel. See my thread from a few days ago .

For dh's sake I'm getting on with things and trying to be positive. I know I'll manage with him away even tho every bone in my body doesn't want to have to. I'm fed up of just getting on with it. It's a crap feeling but I can't imagine how crap it will be for dh to have to leave us behind. I'm dreading having to tell ds too.

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