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I should be use to this by now....

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hofficoffi · 27/09/2011 16:48

OH is currently on deployment and on ops so no contact for a bit. I should be use to it, we've been together for about 10 yrs.
My dad was in the navy as well so spent my childhood moving around and him away. And my brothers are both in navy as well.
So I am well versed in all of this but it is just...

Usually i through myself into work, family and friends. But this time around it is just far harder than it ever has been before.

DBro1 is also on deployment and DBro2 at training . DParents are on holiday. I found out a few days ago that I'm pregnant with our first. I have no way to tell him and It is to early to tell anyone else and anyway I need to tell him first

So just this time it so much harder than I can ever remember it.

Can I have some comfort please??

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hofficoffi · 27/09/2011 16:59

Old habit - DBro1 and 2 are technically be DBIL1 and 2.
2 sisters, 2 BIL (we refer to each other as brothers and sister not the IL bit - we've all known each other since childhood and DBro1 (who is actually DBIL1) is my bf - I introduced them to each other.)
So DSis's are still in UK - but one on base far far away and one in london Suppose that is better, but they live far away, doing own thing.

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madwomanintheattic · 27/09/2011 17:16

congratulations on your pg, hoffi!

dh was o'seas when i found out i was pg with our first and i ended up blurting it out when he eventually rang - he said 'oh!' which has been a source of much merriment ever since. Grin

so many things going on, no wonder you are feeling a bit low. are you in touch with any other spouses etc? (always tricky when you have no small dcs and work ft - it's an additional barrier to like- minded support) i think with nay it's more common though?

we told mil and fil v early once i had told dh, because i was concerned re possibility of miscarriage etc and wanted someone else to know as dh was away, so that i wasn't 'alone' if anything happened.

but never mind all that - congratulations congratulations congratulations! your dh won't know where to look when he gets home! i sent photos of me along the way so that he could see how big i was getting, but it was still a shock - he went away with a skinny wife and came back (a month before the birth) to a very different shaped wife indeed!

you'll feel better in a week or so - deployment always has ups and downs for those left behind - you just have to get used to the 'new' idea of your family.

when do you think dh will manage to get in touch? or are you just blueys?

madwomanintheattic · 27/09/2011 17:18
whenIgetto3 · 27/09/2011 17:55

hoffi great news, congratulations. I would say that you never get used to it, deployment changes every time. Spend lots of time pampering yourself and remember at least he will be home just in time for the sleepless nights Grin

Rydwinhofficoffi · 30/09/2011 21:58

OP here (I added a bit to me name)

Thank you - you made me feel at least a bit better.
Pampering for the weekend then :D

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