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Forces sweethearts

Anyone in or around Cambridge? Or a theatre lover?

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SexyDragonStarlet · 25/07/2011 10:57

Morning all!

A shameless plug here! :)

The Royal Air Force Theatrical Association (RAFTA) is performing it's latest production "Return to the Forbidden Planet" at the Junction Theatre in Cambridge on the 24th to the 27th August 2011. We have 4 evening performances and a matinee on the Thursday.

The production is a mash up of Shakespeare's "The Tempest", the 1950's B Movie "Forbidden Planet" and a whole host of rock and roll numbers such as Wipeout, Good Vibrations, Great Balls of Fire and the Monster Mash.

With a cast and crew of over 45 RAF and civilian members (and a token Army Officer) this is gonna be a great show for old and young alike.

We've been rehearsing 1 weekend a month for the last year and are gearing up for our last rehearsal in a couple of weeks at which we'll be working with people from the Royal Shakespeare Company to perfect our performance as well as being filmed by Sky TV for a new reality show they are currently making!

We're very excited about our production and would love as many people to come and see it as possible. £1 from every ticket sold is going to Help for Heroes and we're also collecting for them as well!


On a stormy night way back in the winter of 2009, mad scientist Doctor Prospero worked late in his laboratory, aided only by his wife, Gloria, as he developed the elusive formula with which he would change the world. The apparently faithful Gloria, however, duped him and sent him off into hyper-space in an old spacecraft. Unknown to Gloria, her infant daughter, Miranda, slumbered peacefully in the craft and was now catapulted light years into the future in her father?s company. Fifteen years later, a routine survey flight under the command of the chisel-jawed Captain Tempest leaves earth?s orbit with a new Science Officer aboard ? a hard and bitter woman. As a shower of meteorites hits the ship, the Science Officer flees, and the craft is pulled inexorably towards the plant D?Illyria ? the Forbidden Planet. And so the adventure begins ?

You can buy tickets here!

Thank you and shameless plug over! :)

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