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Is anyone a Tidworth ?

9 replies

Shoshe · 12/06/2011 10:51

Just moved here from Blandford and know one one.

Still commuting back to Blandford for work, so its hard to meet people.

Anyone here ?

OP posts:
herdingcats · 13/06/2011 12:13

I do my friend is there. Her Dh is away in Afghan atm.
Saw your brother the other week at the gym BTW. Has he started his new job yet ? Smile

Shoshe · 13/06/2011 17:06

Yep, havnt seen him, yet, as he has been away a lot.

OP posts:
Shoshe · 13/06/2011 17:22

Would be lovely if SIL moves down as well, dont think they have made a decision on that yet tho.

OP posts:
herdingcats · 13/06/2011 19:42

That would be nice , their boys are older though and it must make it more difficult.
My friend lives in the MQ across the road from the Rifles main entrance, and its just up the road to the hill where everybody walks their dogs.

tjacksonpfc · 13/06/2011 20:43

I'm in Tidworth pm me if you want Smile

tjacksonpfc · 13/06/2011 20:45

Herding thats Bulford not tidworth where your friend lives.

Shoshe · 13/06/2011 20:53

TJ, have pm'd you Grin

OP posts:
tjacksonpfc · 13/06/2011 21:21

Replied Smile

herdingcats · 15/06/2011 16:51

tjackonpfc -thats weird as her postal address is Tidworth. sorry for the confusion.

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