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just want to throw a tantrum...

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Happylander · 04/04/2011 19:49

DH due home Thursday from Afghan. Initially told going to have weekend off and be back in work mon, tues so organised surprise welcome home party for the Saturday. Then told he has to work Friday and Sat so changed time and was praying he would finish by 3 at the latest allowing us enough time to get home (don't live in MQ's) now just received an email saying they are getting late night flight and won't be back at base until early hours and then have to work fri, sat, sun. I have a 16 month DS and wanted to take him with me. Stupid fucking timings for flights, stupid fucking Army!! I will have to cancel party and miss cheering my brother on in the Brighton marathon and I know that as soon as I cancel party the flights will change. AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

OP posts:
fedupwithdeployment · 04/04/2011 19:51

I am so sorry to hear this. Lots of sympathy to you. I find it hard to believe (not sure why mind you after all these years) that the services can be so cavalier about things like this.


Grabaspoon · 04/04/2011 19:56

Just the way it goes :( I know lots of my friends who's DH's are coming home at the moment after a 6 month tour haven't planned anything as they all know flights will be delayed etc :(

Kleftico · 04/04/2011 19:59

What a PITA! Any chance you can reschedule the party for the following weekend? He might not fancy it straight from theatre anyway, my DH isantisocial likes to have some downtime/family time before hitting the road and seeing family and friends when he gets back. Him going straight into work post deployment may not be the worst thing, I prefer my DH to have a bit of decompression before we see him, much as I love him!

Happylander · 04/04/2011 20:10

Well initially he was coming home on the 3rd April hence party more than a week later to allow for changes and then it changed to Thursday but had already organised it by then. Can't reschedule for following weekend as he is running London Marathon. My DH has been decompressing in Cyprus since 29th March as he got stitched for discipline Sgt. I'm not fussed about him going into work as that's life but I am annoyed that they have now added a day to that and not being able to take our son to meet him. I have just text him though and his OC knows nothing about these new plans....communication is good as usual.
I'm hoping there will be a room in the Officers mess so I can book into that rather than drive at midnight. It's pants!

OP posts:
DHisaway · 04/04/2011 21:44

It's annoying isn't it?

I am fairly certain the AT world is super busy right now. But it does seem to be so disorganised doesn't it? I know there are CASEVACS etc but it all seems SO last minute.

I have book a couple of nights away for DH and me it was a week after he is due back but now he has slipped a couple of times and now we only have 2 days gap and he has a little while left yet too. I gather the flights out of Cyprus have a delay too. Oh dear! I suspect I may have to do a bit of begging to move our booking.

But yeh, why not book a room in the mess tomorrow if you're not keen on driving late.

Kleftico · 04/04/2011 21:50

Book a room in the mess if you can, lower the stress levels! Having been on both sides of this DH came back from Afgan when we were in Cyprus, but had to travel via UK (very annoying), literally over Cyprus. And DH has handled decomp in Cyprus, the AT frustration is huge. But DHisaway is right, casualties, troop movements out to theatre, stuff in general moving out to theatre all takes precedence. Have a bit of time together anyway, don't sweat the small stuff, he'll get there!

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