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Forces sweethearts

To all of my fellow forces sweethearts

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miSaltireandwine · 23/12/2010 13:40

I hope every one of you has a Happy and peaceful Christmas.
For those of you whose DH/DP/DW are in foreign places doing dangerous things - I hope they have a safe peaceful Christmas

OP posts:
WinterChillita · 23/12/2010 18:58

Well put and the same to you :)

miSaltireandwine · 23/12/2010 19:58

Thank youXmas Grin

OP posts:
loubielou31 · 23/12/2010 22:24

Merry Christmas to you and all other Forces' sweethearts too. Xmas Smile

MrsSnaplegs · 23/12/2010 22:31

Saltire Many thanks and the same wishes to you and your family as well as all others here! Heres hoping for a peaceful new year!

LauraNorder · 23/12/2010 22:32

Merry Christmas to us all Smile

penguin73 · 24/12/2010 02:43

Someone cares! Feeling slightly put out that neither DH (half way through op tour) or I have had any contact from his unit so this has really cheered me up, thank you.

Merry Christmas Xmas Grin

ben5 · 24/12/2010 05:32

penguin73 a mn hug, hope you have contact soon.

have a safe a merry christmas. lets hope we all see more of our other halfs this year! ( yeap there goes the pig!! dh looks like being away again next year for quite some time:-)!)

MrsSnaplegs · 24/12/2010 06:02

Penguin - more unMn hugs from here as well!

vintageteacups · 24/12/2010 11:15

Merry Christmas Forces Sweethearts!
Here's to a peaceful new year.

onimolap · 24/12/2010 15:04

Merry Christmas everyone!

It's 5 years since DH was last in a dangerous place at Christmas; Penguin (and anyone else in same circs) hope you hear something soon, and all come home safe.

herbietea · 24/12/2010 20:52

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

herdingcats · 26/12/2010 16:51

Merry Christmas to you all , and a come home safe message to all of those with loved ones in dangerous places.

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