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Forces sweethearts

Royal Wedding

38 replies

MrsSnaplegs · 16/11/2010 13:34

So any chance of Miss Middleton joining us on here do you think Grin

OP posts:
HRHCavey · 16/11/2010 15:41

I was just wondering the same thing!

flossie64 · 16/11/2010 17:53

I think its a bit extreme ,if all they want is a MQ Wink Grin

MrsSnaplegs · 16/11/2010 17:59

Yep we all know the rules about cohabiting in 1/4s Grin

OP posts:
MrsSnaplegs · 16/11/2010 18:17

Although I do think his Gran has a spare room she could stay in - we've all had to put up with staying with the in laws!

Bet DE don't take 6 months to find them a 1/4 Wink but I would love to be there for the march in - who is telling Kate she needs to leave the cooker as she found it and has to clean inside the window frames Grin

OP posts:
LtEveDallas · 16/11/2010 18:26

Bet they don't get given a type C. Can you imagine Wills being told he's only entitled to a 3 bed!

Saying that, have you seen the quarters in Valley? Even by RAF standards they aren't that great. Methinks they'll be living out...

HRHCavey · 16/11/2010 18:34

I have to admit the first thought that popped into my head when I heard was that DH will probably get pinged for street-lining duty. He had to do the Golden Jubilee in 2002 - came home with no voice having spent all day barking orders over the noise of the crowd and missed all the fun on telly!

flossie64 · 16/11/2010 18:35

Could you imgaine the uproar if he had a bigger quarter than the Station Commmander Grin
Living on camp would save fortune in bodyguard salaries though!

MrsSnaplegs · 16/11/2010 19:40

Oh street lining duties - joy of joys - had forgotten that aspect Hmm suppose I better make sure I can still get back into my uniform by then or would that be a good excuseWink

OP posts:
madwomanintheattic · 17/11/2010 02:33

oh, i've used that one mrss - they wanted to send me to northolt to wave at folk for a couple of months. i told them i'd do it, but as i was too pg to get into my no. 1s, was it ok if i just did it in 2s for the forseeable? that sorted out that one pretty sharpish - i can't think of anything worse, and apparently, neither could they...

mind you, it did follow hot on the heels of my good friend who appeared on the bbc news having not duly waved at the said grandma. that cost him a few beers.

was wondering about quarters earlier though...

MrsSnaplegs · 17/11/2010 10:34

I'm hoping they set the date for before Easter Leave as I will still be on mat leave then Grin

I think he already "lives out" in a cottage up there anyway - not as if he can't afford to rent privately Wink but it did tickle me to think they may have to do a march in/out Grin

OP posts:
HRHMcDreamy · 17/11/2010 11:01

I think they already live at Valley, or at least nearby. I'm guessing they won't apply for a quarter but you never know. Security wise it would be better for them wouldn't it?

Wonder if she'll be flower arranging in the mess for next years summer ball Grin

vintageteacups · 17/11/2010 14:20

Can you imagine her calling up MHS and saying
"you said you were going to come and fix the shower and I stayed in all day to wait but nobody turned up. Doesn't that mean I get £25 of M & S vouchers???"

MrsSnaplegs · 17/11/2010 16:38

Vintage Grin

OP posts:
flossie64 · 17/11/2010 19:16

dh said he thought about the MQ thing as well ,but then told me there are none behind the wire at Valley, so no security bonus.
LMAO at the M & S voucherGrin

vintageteacups · 17/11/2010 19:30

Well actually, she might change it to suit her own lifestyle.....

"don't suppose you do Fortnum and Mason vouchers instead of M & S do you?"

madwomanintheattic · 18/11/2010 01:33

actually, as one of the wives that doesn't work, we could all give her a ring and ask if she wouldn't mind letting the plumber in for us whilst we're out... after all, she's got nothing else to do, has she?

i wonder if she babysits... dog sits... would water the plants whilst we're away...

flossie64 · 18/11/2010 09:09

Vintage - sge's middle class you knowWink
Do middle class people shop in F & M? Grin
Madwoman - of course, one has to be good to one's neighbours Grin

HRHMcDreamy · 18/11/2010 10:59

Surely she'd be up for the babysiting circle once their first baby comes along.

flossie64 · 18/11/2010 19:18

It would be great once their baby comes along, as they will have a nanny and all the kids on the patch could be dropped off there when their parents are attending a function Wink

vintageteacups · 18/11/2010 19:24

wowsers - imagine the scale of the birthday parties (and party bag contents!)

MrsSnaplegs · 18/11/2010 20:48

Not that any of us have high expectations of her yetGrin. Hope they are very happy together and I wish them the best of luck!

OP posts:
CaveMum · 18/11/2010 20:52

Definitely wish them both the best, and if Kate fancies having a wardrobe clear out I am more than happy to clear some space for some of her Issa dresses [wipes drool from chin] Grin


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HRHMcDreamy · 18/11/2010 21:14

Oh yes can you imagine the queues at the thrift shop Wink

vintageteacups · 18/11/2010 21:34

I really do think they are the 'new monarchy' and will change a lot of old fudddy duddy rules.

Can't wait to see what her dress is like.
I reckon vintage lace, slender but with a long, lace train.

madwomanintheattic · 18/11/2010 21:42

bagsy i get to run the thrift shop! that way i can empty all the bags and get the goodies before i open the doors Wink

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