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Forces sweethearts

If I decided to leave

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Saltire · 21/10/2010 08:44

and go back to Scotland, on the grounds that I am getting ill with the intimidation and lies being told about me by the lunatic across the road, will MOD/DE pay for it?

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LauraNorder · 21/10/2010 08:46

Aw Saltire has it got that bad? So sorry that is really crap Sad

Saltire · 21/10/2010 08:48

Yes it has and no one gives a flying fuck. The lunatic (and I make no apologies for using the word) is strutting round the street, telling lies about me, bullying my friend, spying on us and still the RAF execs here don't care.

OP posts:
LauraNorder · 21/10/2010 08:51

Are you at a place beginning with L? Not that it makes any difference.

I don't know what to say, have you been to see the Padre? I'm sure you've tried everything! Is there some sort of family officer there? I can't believe they won't do anything, that's so bad.

Saltire · 21/10/2010 08:54

haha, laura you won't blieve who we have seen - padre, Saffa, OC PMS and OC PSF.
Families officer, is IMO responsible iin part for this initially escalated

OP posts:
herbietea · 21/10/2010 08:59

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

marriedtoagoodun · 21/10/2010 10:02


I am pretty sure that the military would not pay for your move but perhaps SAFFA could if it is for medical reasons. I am so sorry you have such a rubbish time. The impact of being in this position is so different when you are in the military. It is something my friends do not understand. 'Just ignore them' - but you cannot can you? I would write everything down and also highlight why the problem escalated after the family officer got involved. If when you re read your letter it makes sense pass it on - initally to the CO (explain you have circumvented chain of command and not gone through welfare because they are part of the problem) and ensure that he/she realises that you want a resoloution from them.

We had a historical situation here and CO had to call in several of the (quite senior) officers and tell them that if their wives continued to behave like they did then for welfare of the service reasons he would seek to evict them from the patch - the witches still brewed their spells but their husbands made sure a tight lid was kept on things.

It is just pants that at a time we should all be pulling toegther some people still want to create misery and havoc... Really feel for you sweetheart and hope things get better and quickly.

luciemule · 21/10/2010 10:26

saltire I didn't read your other thread about what's been happening but can you not threaten to take it to the civilian police and take out a restraining order on her? If that doesn't work with those in authority, then just do it anyway. If she was a TA in my kid's school, I'd be worried!

If you've spoken to all of those others and they're no help, take it to the police. Without reading the details, I don't know if you've written a diary of everything that's happened for evidence but that would help.

Also, have you contacted AFF (if you're army I can't remember)?

Which thread is this on?

midori1999 · 23/10/2010 17:02

We had a situation here where one wife was being in effect, bullied by a group of other wives. It got to the point where they had the front of their house covered in excrement and those who knew who had done it would not even speak up as they did not want to 'grass'. Disgusting. The welfare office did little to help and in fact, practically sided with the bullies because this woman came across as a little 'tarty', 'common' and owned a big (well looked after and kept under control) doberman. The woman being bullied was maybe a little misguided over her eldest son's behaviour, but she was a genuinely nice person and her son was no more poorly behaved than the children of some of those who bullied her.

The army did pay for her to go back and live unaccompanied on the mainland.

It was all covered up and I remember vividly the welfare officer saying to me after she had left that 'you could see what she was like as son as she got off the bus when she arrived, all big jewelery and that bloody great dog'. Hmm

It's disgusting that these sort of things are allowed to happen and I feel deeply, deeply sorry for you being in this situation.

MrsSnaplegs · 23/10/2010 17:25

Saltire have you tried the RAF families federation? I have found the NFF far more useful and powerful than welfare in past. You need to make sure you document everything , go and see your dr to get it documented if it is making you ill and speak to your neighbourhood police . Do you have a local neighbourhood watch? Even if it is civvy and not patch they will have no of your local police. Speak to them as this is harrasement. We had a very abusive and vindictive letter sent to is when I had to work away and most help was local civvy police. Try posting something without military identifiers on main boards as I know there is a civvy copper on here somewhere. If I can help please message me.

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