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Air Fryer Newboe... tell me your tips and recipes!

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WingingIt101 · 06/08/2022 23:03


We took the plunge and got an air fryer today!

It is the "sur la table' model on sale in Costco currently with 2 drawers and a range of functions like air fry, roast etc.

I made stir fry in it tonight but felt a bit overwhelmed with how to do it - was I going to burn it, undercook it, should I add oil, should I separate the veg and the chicken etc.
That's just one simple meal!!

Please can I ask you to share your best air fryer recipes and top tips to make my meals look like the ones on the box!

OP posts:
Fivemoreminutes1 · 07/08/2022 06:42

I found that spraying with oil halfway through cooking gets the best crisp on most foods. I tend to wait and spray halfway through cooking unless it’s an item that doesn’t need spraying, like fatty meats. Coated food items should be sprayed. Also, spray any dry flour spots that still appear halfway through air frying.
If the food doesn’t need oil, make sure you at least grease the basket. I grease mine by rubbing or spraying a little bit of oil on the bottom grates.
When you want your food to turn out crispy, don’t overcrowd the basket.

When air frying smaller items, like chicken wings and chips, you should shake the basket every few minutes to ensure even cooking. Sometimes I use a pair of silicone tongs to flip larger items over rather than shaking.
Honey and sesame chicken wings
Roast potatoes
Halloumi fries

Georgyporky · 07/08/2022 17:39
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