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Should I get an air fryer? If so, which one?

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QueenLagertha · 02/08/2021 20:45


Thinking about getting an air fryer.
Is it worth the money? I'm thinking I couldn't do wedges, roast veg etc in it!
If I do get one, should I invest in a more expensive one?


This thread is quite old now, but if you’ve landed here looking for recommendations, we’ve recently updated our best air fryer page with lots of great options loved by Mumsnet users, plus info on whether they're right for your family. We hope you find it useful. Flowers

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Fififerry1 · 03/08/2021 19:51

I bought a Ninja one about 8 weeks ago. Gave my oven a good clean at the same time. It is still pristine because I barely use it. And I do a lot of cooking. Can’t tell you how much I love my air-fryer.


angela99999 · 03/08/2021 20:09

I've moved house and have a really awful old oven here so have been surviving with a combi microwave and a portable induction hob.
I've been thinking of getting an air fryer for ages and bought a Ninja Foodi MAX Health Grill and Air Fryer about three weeks ago when I saw an Amazon warehouse deal. It's got a temperature probe and has a decent capacity, enough for a 1.8kg spatchcock chicken.
It works really well, particularly for scampi which my grandchildren love. You can roast chicken and potatoes at the same time, the probe is great for that and for steak. I'm actually thinking I might just have one oven when we get the kitchen done, and since I hardly use the combi microwave at the moment I'll probably just get a tiny ordinary microwave.
It is big but not smokey or noisy, I wouldn't be without it now.


angela99999 · 03/08/2021 20:15

@QueenLagertha I hope you enjoy yours when it arrives! (I do love a good gadger).


angela99999 · 03/08/2021 20:15

"gadget" even!


QueenLagertha · 03/08/2021 20:26

Thank you @angela99999 I'm a sucker for a kitchen gadget too. If I love this one I could end up investing In the ninja max at some stage too

OP posts:

EL8888 · 03/08/2021 21:04

I’m so tempted… I can’t stand soggy food or using too much fat so l think this could be the perfect solution


Egghead68 · 03/08/2021 21:10

I have the ninja foodi and I love it. The only problem is that the spatterguard keeps falling out into the food (I’ve had to secure it with paper clips) . I use it for almost anything I would have done in the oven.


QueenLagertha · 25/08/2021 17:11

Just an update to say I LOVE my airfryer and use it most days

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