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Would you recommend a pressure cooker?

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Hunnybears · 21/04/2020 21:37

I’ve got a slow cooker and it’s ok, but I find that everything tastes the same. Like tins of soup, most of them have got that same generic flavour, despite being different flavours.

It’s certainly got its used such as pulled pork and a couple of others I’ve tried but it’s just not that nice tasting.

I seen an advert for a pressure cooker and I thought that would perhaps be better? Also I’m all for tasty quick food! Or does it have the same generic taste as a slow cooker?

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Cumberlover76 · 22/04/2020 21:54

I love my pressure cooker. I have a Kuhn Rikon duromatic that I got for an amazing price from Amazon warehouse, but I would replace it instantly if it broke, but you can replace all the parts. We use it pretty much daily for curries, chilli, soups, meat. You can cook a whole chicken in one in about 30 mins. I'd highly recommended The Pressure Cooker Cook Book by Catherine Phipps. So many amazing recipes from the 30 min roast chicken to jams. Best piece of kitchen equipment ever and very safe these days.


Hunnybears · 22/04/2020 22:16

Thanks for the insight guys, great to get different perspectives

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handbagsatdawn33 · 23/04/2020 13:33

@RUSU92 Thanks.
I've been thinking about getting an IP, but your post has convinced me not to.


Lordfrontpaw · 23/04/2020 13:38

I have a pressure king pro - so its an electric pressure cooker AND slow cooker in one. It lives on a stone chopping board on the back of my hob so it doesn't take up space and I use it a lot.

There are other brands that I see (Instant Pot) but this one was on special offer when I was looking to buy one. I still remember mums old stovetop cooker with the hissy weight on the top that terrified me as a child!


Mominatrix · 24/04/2020 07:27

I have a Sage Fast and Slow and really love it. I use it to make rice, stocks, pulses from dry, braised dishes, steel cut oatmeal, risotto, cheesecake, and braised dishes which require long cooking times. It is great because it is on a timer and keeps dishes warm so I don't need to stick around.

However, I am an experienced cook and don't use the device simply to save time. I know and don't mind making sure that flavour is added prior to cooking by browning elements properly and also I know tricks like concentrating liquid flavours by reducing prior to adding to the pot and adding ingredients which give an umami punch to the dish.

TL;DR, it is a nifty device but don't buy thinking that it will save you time and that you can just use recipes you have to hand without adjustments.


SweetCarrotMine · 24/04/2020 07:31

Love my stove top pressure cooker. I do lamb and beef curries, beef stews, dahl etc.

Can’t deal with the idea of chopping up ingredients in the morning (the worst time!) for dinner that evening.


YetAnotherSpartacus · 24/04/2020 13:13

I have a Kuhn Rikon stovetop pressure cooker

Me too. I do love it, but my valve is a bit 'sticky' and my current stovetop is crap so I have not used it in ages.

You can't brown things first in most electric ones and I also believe that they don't really quite reach high pressures.


OhioOhioOhio · 25/04/2020 08:50

I should use mine more. Very hiy and miss.


Fortheloveofscience · 25/04/2020 08:52

I have an Instant Pot and never got on with it - it's been in my loft for the last 3 years.


MoltoAgitato · 25/04/2020 09:08

When starting out with a pressure cooker, don’t rely on some random recipe on the internet which will be written by someone who thinks a Rustlers microwave burger is the height of good food. Use a trusted source - I like the Serious Eats page I’m pressure cookers/ instant lots.

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