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Can I ask about bacon in microwave?

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shadypines · 04/09/2019 19:20

I just wanted to hear from anyone who microwaves their bacon rather than grill..what's it like? How long do you cook for? What technique?
I would prefer to grill but my grill is a complete PITA so I try not to use it.
Thank you.

OP posts:

PatrickMerricksGoshawk · 04/09/2019 19:24

My MIL does this. Technically it's cooked, but it is unforgivably flabby and no crispiness of fat is possible - please don't do it!!


shadypines · 04/09/2019 19:29

Thanks...your answer doesn't surprise me, FIL does it but I never liked the look of it but I was hoping someone might just tell me how fab it is ( in desparation!!)

OP posts:

MaximusHeadroom · 04/09/2019 19:31

My dad used to do this when we first got our microwave and he wanted to use it for everything.

It is a tragedy. Don't do it!


Justmuddlingalong · 04/09/2019 19:32

Bacon smells like wet dog when it's cooked in the microwave. I cook mine in the normal oven. It smells like cooking bacon should and is lovely and crispy.


SpaceDinosaur · 04/09/2019 19:34

If your grill is a pain then in the name of all things good and holy use a frying pan @shadypines

Microwaved bacon is vile


Pipandmum · 04/09/2019 19:35

I do it and it’s fine and crisps up - I like it quite crispy. You can put a paper towel over the bacon to stop the fat splattering around. Streaky bacon might be better, but I do both no problem. A bit trail and error about how long it takes as microwaves vary.


Grambler · 04/09/2019 19:40

Is that you, Dad?

His bacon was always anaemic with bits of kitchen towel stuck to it. I can remember wondering what all the fuss was about bacon until I had it cooked, properly, and without having to either eat paper or spend so much time picking it off that the bacon was cold.


Mrsjayy · 04/09/2019 19:48

My mum does and it is delicious she puts some kitchen towel over it and she has this tray thing and it crisps up I do it and it is a rubberry mess and tastes revolting.


Mrsjayy · 04/09/2019 19:51

I am sure she got her tray at a market stall it is oneof those "as seen on Tv" things Grin


MaximusHeadroom · 04/09/2019 19:56

And the rind was so stringy and stretchy that you would swallow one end and the other end would still be in your mouth

We need a vomit emoji Grin


gowgow · 05/09/2019 12:50

I use a plastic griddle pan, takes about 2 minutes depending on microwave wattage & how crispy you want it. No kitchen towel needed, turn it over during cooking, perfect bacon.


MonsteraCheeseplant · 05/09/2019 12:54

My mum does this. She puts the bacon on kitchen towel to soak up some of the fat and pings it for ages until it is good and crispy. Once it's crispy, I wouldn't really notice that it's been microwaved.


picklemepopcorn · 05/09/2019 13:15

I get good bacon in the micro. You just have to play with different methods- it depends on the bacon, as well.

You can do it over an upturned bowl, or on top of a kitchen towel. I use washable bamboo kitchen roll, so was between uses.


shadypines · 05/09/2019 19:41

thanks all, I can see micro bacon ruffles some feathers..... @SpaceDinosaur I hear you, infact I picture you on your knees as you tell me this!
@Justmuddlingalong, ooh I like the sound of this, what heat, for how long and what do you put in on...ordinary tray?

After watching Masterchef ( I have high aspirations LOL)last night I obeyed John Torode and did it in fry pan but without fat as he said it has enough of it's own fat to cook it. I then did a splash of maple syrup, was pretty good.

OP posts:

Mrsjayy · 05/09/2019 20:56

I was watching pioneer woman earlier and she fried her canadian bacon in BUTTER !


FrothyB · 05/09/2019 21:04

I used to this and it's a perfectly acceptable way of cooking bacon. Place the bacon on a plate between two sheets of kitchen towel, then do some test runs to see how long it takes your microwave to cook it to the texture you like.

Be careful though, it doesn't take too long and will quickly go black and create smoke if it goes too far. It's good for things like a quick bacon roll if you don't fancy having to wash a pan up, or you're only doing 2 or 3 slices for yourself.


Justmuddlingalong · 05/09/2019 22:19

When I'm doing a fry up, the only thing I fry is the eggs and the tattie scones. Sausages, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms and beans are all done in the oven. It saves all the faff in my tiny kitchen and DP washes up. 😜 It's all cooked at 180, sausages in for about 15 minutes, then the bacon goes in along with everything else for about another 15 minutes. I just do the bacon in a grill pan. Everything apart from the eggs and tattie scones just cook away while I'm having my shower.

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