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Rice cookers or microwave rice ??

9 replies

whateverheather · 12/08/2019 21:32

Hey looking for advice regarding rice cookers, seems it work out cheaper then microwave rice , and seems cheaper.

Is it worth getting ? It only be for two ppl

OP posts:

lazylinguist · 12/08/2019 21:36

I use a simple, microwaveable rice cooker. It's just a plastic tub with a double lid. Bought it on Amazon. Cheap and cheerful, works brilliantly.


ZazieTheCat · 13/08/2019 00:25

We bought a cheap mini one off Amazon for £16. Loved it. It lasted about a year, more than paid for itself. Then we bought a Lakeland one, £49.99 (comes with 3 year guarantee). It is absolutely brilliant. Cooks even a small quantity of rice really well.


Otherpeoplesteens · 14/08/2019 15:14

I'd always go for the rice cooker over prepackaged microwave rice, on cost and plastic waste grounds if nothing else. If you're worried that a rice cooker will produce too much for two of you, you can always freeze it after you've cooked it.


whateverheather · 14/08/2019 17:29

Thanks for the replies, can I ask about the microwave rice cooker, is that easier then using a traditional rice cooker ?

OP posts:

LemonBreeland · 14/08/2019 17:32

We got a microwave rice cooker by sistema after being sick of soggy pan cooked rice or expensive microwave rice. It's brilliant and makes perfect rice each time.


PassMeAnotherCoffee · 14/08/2019 17:34

I have a cheap microwave cooker. Cost about a fiver in TK Maxx. Much, much cheaper than sachets of microwave rice. Tastes nicer and far less packaging waste.
Rice cooked by absorption on the hob tastes better still though!


Teddybear45 · 14/08/2019 17:36

You could just follow these instructions for making rice in any normal pan.


gowgow · 15/08/2019 17:48

I bought a microwave rice cooker from Amazon - don't know how I've managed without it ! I'm usually cooking for 2 & it's perfect, but it will cook a lot more.


LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD · 15/08/2019 17:50

I have a microwave one (brown rice was a disaster) that is nice to use (from m&s) and a pressure cooker that cooks rice well. I usually steam it but gadgets are really useful.

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