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Would you eat this?!

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bea179 · 17/09/2017 13:25

I bought a lasagne from Lidl. I got home and chucked it in the freezer, knowing we wouldn't eat it soon enough. Anyway, when I went to defrost it, it said not suitable for home freezing Angry. Part of me wants to just defrost and eat it anyway. Would you? Does anyone know why it's not suitable to be frozen?

OP posts:
chipsandpeas · 17/09/2017 13:26

id eat it

PurpleDaisies · 17/09/2017 13:28

Sometimes it's because they've been previously frozen. I'd cook it to piping hot and see.

purplecorkheart · 17/09/2017 13:30

Cook it thoroughly and it will be find. Sometimes it may not taste as good as it would fresh eg white sauce may split or veg may be slightly soggy.

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