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Can I freeze a peach and raspberry cake?

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Alakazam7 · 01/09/2017 17:19

Hi made a peach and raspberry traybake. It's made a bit more than I thought. Is it possible to freeze individual squares of this. It contains ground almonds, raspberries, peaches and basic cake ingredients. I can't find any info in the book I got it from. Would it be ok to freeze please?

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Wigeon · 01/09/2017 17:20

I would definitely freeze that.

BeyondThePage · 01/09/2017 17:21

If you plan to use it as a pudding maybe, but it will go soggy on defrost if it has fresh fruits in it. (I would freeze it and serve with custard later for instance)

Deploycharitygoats · 01/09/2017 17:22

Should be absolutely fine. I freeze raspberry and peach scones (or I'd scoff the lot Blush) and they defrost beautifully.

Alakazam7 · 01/09/2017 19:59

Brilliant thanks would be great with custard so will freeze it. If it lasts long enough!

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