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Deep frying in beef dripping.

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Fluffycloudland77 · 02/08/2017 19:13

Any tips?

I want to do French fries.

OP posts:
AuntSallyLovesWorzel · 02/08/2017 19:58

Love stuff in dripping, is it shop stuff or the real thing ? if it is might spit a bit in the pan... making my tummbly rumbbly , reminds of when my dm used to make home made steamed steak and kidney pudding, nom nom

Fluffycloudland77 · 02/08/2017 20:06

It'll be shop stuff.

I didn't realise there was an alternative so I'm falling at the first hurdle!.

I can cope with spitty. I'll out loads of tea towels down.

OP posts:
AuntSallyLovesWorzel · 02/08/2017 20:15

The shop stuff should be ok because it's had all the meat juices and bits removed, beef dripping from your roasting joint you cook for a sunday roast will spit like mad , tried it once, big fat chunky home made chips...
Good luck anyway

Gatekeeper · 02/08/2017 20:18

Use Britannia beef dripping...makes lovely chips

Auchan · 02/08/2017 20:21

Don't mean to sound like a wet blanket but high fat high carb combinations are a metabolic timebomb.

Deep fry in beef fat yes but do something low carb like courgette fries or chicken with parmesan crust.

CosmicPineapple · 02/08/2017 20:24

If somebody wants to deep fry food in beef fat I don't think the carbs are a worry for them Grin

Fluffycloudland77 · 02/08/2017 20:31

Its true I'm not worried about carbs, or fats. Just taste.

How does one store the fat when it's been used though? Scrape it out into Tupperware & refrigerate?

OP posts:
Auchan · 02/08/2017 20:47

Ah see cosmicpineapple the fat isn't the problem ....

Gatekeeper · 09/08/2017 12:42

If you pour it while melted into a bowl of cold water, the bits will sink down in to the water and the 'filtered' fat go to the top. Remove when set and refrigerate in a tupperware type thing

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