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Cheapish/easy meals.

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Cocklodger · 13/07/2017 10:01

Would love to add to my collection, but it's only fair I share mine.

Homemade two ingredient pizza base.
Natural yoghurt or Greek yoghurt mixed with equal parts self raising flour.
Mix well then turn onto a floured surface and roll as thin as possible if you don't almost rip it 20 times it's not thin enough Add flour if it gets sticky. Cooks in 20 mins.
Obviously add toppings but this is open to interpretation.
I like tomato purée mixed with a bit of water, plus chopped fresh herbs, grated cheese. It's lovely.
I add minced garlic or thinly sliced garlic with basil to the base when raw (prior to rolling out) as I'm always afraid it'll taste of yoghurt (never does, even without the seasonings Grin )

Hidden veg pasta sauce

Med veg chicken and pasta. It's fab for using leftover chicken too (you can adapt for other meats etc too)
Serves 2 adults 1 young dc.
Takes 30min.
Half to one whole red onion
1 large potato
1 courgette
1 aubergine
2 peppers.
Shredded chicken in whatever quantity you have.
Dried pasta in whatever you have.

Peel potato cut into small cubes.
Boil for 3 minutes on high. While they're boiling cut everything else into strips or cubes.
Cover a roasting tin in a layer of oil (only need a small amount spray on 1cal oil is good for these situations) optional.

Add any herbs you like (parsley is nice imo) optional.

Mix half a teaspoon soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of tomato purée. 3 tablespoon of water or stock.
Place the veggies in the tray. Drizzle the sauce on top. You can roast them for 5 mins prior to adding the sauce if you like it crispier, then just cook for 10 mins (otherwise just cook for 15min)

While this is cooking boil some pasta.
Again, it's a free for all with herbs. But this is optional.
When the pasta is almost cooked, add the cooked shredded chicken to heat up. After a minute or two, drain.
Mix it together.

Can be frozen well. Just ensure you heat it thoroughly.

Hidden veg pasta sauce.

Tomato purée and chopped tomatoes mixed together with one mug of stock (oxo etc is fine)
Add basil, parsley, 2 bulbs garlic and half
To one whole onion chopped finely.
Roughly chop a courgette, carrot and a large mushroom or a handful of small ones.
You can also add canned chickpeas or lentils as they'll work well.
Cook on medium for 20mins.
Cool a little, then blend with a stick blender or jug blender.
Then reheat (unless you have a blender that is ok with high heat so did not need to cool) or freeze immediately.
Can also be used as a base for casseroles and chilli.

Easy carrot soup.

Add whole carrots (tops off) to water. I like to add parsley, coriander, garlic.
You don't need much water just cover the carrots by around half an inch.
Cook medium/high for 30mins (or longer if you're making lots, wait until carrots are soft)
Blend until smooth.
If your blender can't take whole carrots mash them a bit first with a fork. Serve with crusty bread and optionally, cream on top. Delicious ☺️

10 min pea soup.

Frozen peas 200g
Frozen green beans 50g. Plus seasonings (I like parsley and mint) boil for 5 minutes in enough water to comfortably cover.
Once done, cool and blend. It's lovely with a few pieces of ham (so I hear, I'm veggie personally) or lentils mixed in too

Hope this helps someone and I'd love to hear some more.
I'm veggie but H (doesn't live with us) comes for dinner regularly, and my dd ears meat. So all recipes are worth a shot! ☺️

OP posts:
AtleastitsnotMonday · 13/07/2017 14:47

Cod topped with harissa breadcrumbs baked in oven
Puff pastry tart with roasted veg and pesto topping
Fritata with everything from the fridge that needs eating up
Chicken and pepper skewers

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