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quiche virgin

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myrtleWilson · 26/06/2017 18:16

So tonight the plan is to cook quiche for the very first time, I have good array of recipes that I use for cooking but have always shied away from pastry .... in the words of Taylor Swift it's a culinary relationship thats gonna be forever or its gonna go down in flames.... I'm following the Felicity Cloake "how to cook perfect....." recipe from the Guardian.

Dominoes deliver right??

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AtleastitsnotMonday · 26/06/2017 23:06

I would say if you've never made a quiche before then a shortcrust base would be easier than rough puff to start with.

RaspberryBeretHoopla · 26/06/2017 23:09

No one should be eating quiche!

That article is 6 years old.

Make a frittata.

myrtleWilson · 26/06/2017 23:12

oh I've got frittata down! we love Felicity Cloakes "how to..." series so often go there for ideas...

the rough puff was more rustic than I was expecting! For some reason I'd built short crust up into a big thing but then have realised its just crumble mixture with water added to it...

But in quiche news -it was lovely! pastry cooked well, egg custard set to suitable wobble etc!

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TondelayaDellaVentamiglia · 26/06/2017 23:14

who ever heard the like of puff pastry for quiche...the grauniad are idiots!

Shortcrust all the way!

i never prebake mine ...but i do saute/sweat off any onions/veg for the fillings

I line the dish, be careful to ease the pastry into the corners, and not to stretch it

add a generous amount of good sharp cheese, sprinkle over any cooled cooked ingredients. Mix the eggs with double cream, season well with S&P and then add that over the top....then more cheese

into a med hot oven, on a preheated tray until risen, pouffy and golden, I like mine best at room temp, so allow to cool and then serve.

There's something very school dinners about hot quiche imo.

angstinabaggyjumper · 04/11/2017 10:20
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