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Veggie inspiration needed!

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milkmoustache · 15/06/2017 21:28

I have three family visitors arriving tomorrow, so that will be two lunches and one dinner, for 4 adults and three kids (8-12). I do really like veggie meals, I don't need a meaty option, but I am completely out of ideas! What is fuss-free, summery, and delicious? We eat couscous and pasta quite often, so would like to do something a bit different, but I am just not inspired at the moment! Nobody is that fussy and there are no food groups to avoid.
Mumsnet - can you accept my mission?

OP posts:
AMightyOak · 15/06/2017 21:32

I really like the crispy Greek style pie on the BBC good food website. You could turn it into a mezze with tabbouleh, stuffed vine leaves, olives, gigantes beans, houmous and pitta e.t.c.

AMightyOak · 15/06/2017 21:33

Forgot the link! It's also good made ahead and reheated.

WillowySnicket · 15/06/2017 21:39

Jamie Oliver's roasted brassicas with halloumi is divine. We have it with crispy kale quite a lot.

We also enjoy yotam ottolenghi's roasted onions, walnuts and goats cheese. I do it with roasted beetroot and puy lentils and fresh spinach to bulk it out.

Saveaccountdetails · 15/06/2017 21:48

I know you said no pasta but Ina Garten's lemon cream pasta (google lemon fusilli with arugula) is delicious! Perfect summery lunch. Homemade quiche with a salad and maybe some coleslaw, falafel and halloumi wraps with salad and sweet chilli sauce, Linda McCartney burgers, veggie 'paella' with quorn chorizo, chop lots of veg and make a mini salad bar maybe served with buttery jacket potatoes. All winners with all the veggies in my family (a lot!)

milkmoustache · 15/06/2017 21:48

Keep them coming! Sadly I have just remembered that my annoying children hate spinach quite vehemently, so another filling for a filo pie would be welcome - I do have a packet languishing in the freezer and would love to use it up

OP posts:
Lemond1fficult · 15/06/2017 21:50

What about this nice Nigel Slater lemony artichoke and bean recipe? It needs pitta or roasties or some kind of solid carb.

We've just had it for tea, and it was delicious.

Veggie inspiration needed!
WillowySnicket · 15/06/2017 21:54

Ooh yes to Nigel slater. He also does a yummy feta, basil, tomato and marrow thing that is yum with some roasted olive oily bread. I just use courgettes.

PurpleDaisies · 15/06/2017 21:55
TheMysteriousJackelope · 15/06/2017 21:58

Black bean and plantain empanadas are straightforward to make and good hot or cold, they also freeze well. The recipe is here

I have also made them with sweet potato/yam and other recipes just use bananas if you can't find plantains. I have also changed the Jack cheese for cheddar and also Stilton. Instead of the filo pastry, I made shortcrust and cut 3" diameter rounds that I used to sandwich the filling. I baked them for 30 minutes at 375F.

Samosas are another option.

DD makes red bean hummus if you are looking for an appetizer. It goes very well with pita chips.

Black beans pureed with mango makes a good sauce for nachos. Mix tortilla chips with chopped onions, peppers, sweetcorn kernels, and grated cheese. Bake in the oven at 350F for about 20 - 25 minutes, serve with some of the sauce drizzled over them.

OnyK · 15/06/2017 22:42

You can swap spinach for grated courgettes, squeeze the moisture out first.
I love courgette and halloumi fritters which are the filling, without the pastry!

AtleastitsnotMonday · 15/06/2017 23:00

Butternut squash falafels with pitas and salad
Roasted pepper, courgette, red onion and mozzarella tart (v simple but looks good)
Summer pea and courgette frittata ( good both hot and cold)
I'd keep lunch quite simple, French bread, cheeses, dips, humous, breadsticks crudités, hard boiled eggs or egg mayo.

Acornantics · 15/06/2017 23:08

This all sounds amazing. Am not veggie but want to add some more meat free dishes into my repertoire.

Marking place and drafting up a shopping list! Who can recommend me a good vegetarian recipe book?

Brokenbiscuit · 15/06/2017 23:16

What about a nice vegetable curry and some dahl, served with rice or chapatti? Lovely with fresh raita or just plain yoghurt. My spinach-hating daughter will happily gobble it up in palak paneer!

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