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Chicken breasts with skin on and crab?

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hellokittymania · 20/05/2017 15:09

Hi there, I have two questions. The first one, if I put the chicken breasts in the oven with some pesto, can I just eat the skin?

Second question, what do I do with this crap? I don't eat egg or mayonnaise. The person at the farmers market suggested lemon, but I don't know what else to do with it. What else do you put with your crab?

Chicken breasts with skin on and crab?
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hellokittymania · 20/05/2017 15:10

One more thing, I don't have to do anything with the crab. I can just take it out of the package and eat it? I don't have to heated up or anything? And how long can I keep it in the fridge for?

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hellokittymania · 20/05/2017 15:11

Actually, I have some mango and peach chutney. Should I just use that on the chicken instead? Can I put the chutney in the oven on the chicken?

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Eolian · 20/05/2017 15:14

I don't quite understand the question about the chicken - you can always eat the skin. I wouldn't put chutney in the oven, but pesto would be nice.

If the crab is cooked, ypu can eat it as it is. I wouldn't keep it in the fridge for more than a day tbh.

RedSandYellowSand · 20/05/2017 15:16

Yes, if you put the chicken in the oven, and cook it through, you can eat the skin and the chicken.

Crab - I can't see in the picture - has it been shelled?? I wouldn't really know where to start. What about a crab sandwich?

hellokittymania · 20/05/2017 15:29

OK thank you, I didn't know if you could eat the skin or not.

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MelanieCheeks · 20/05/2017 15:32

Crab is nice in a salad, you could stir it through a "chop salad" of cucumber, tomatoes, peppers. Or stir it into a tomato sauce and serve with linguine. Or mix it with some mayo or natural youghurt and pile onto crostini/ have as a dip with tortilla chips.

hellokittymania · 20/05/2017 17:55

[[ Has anybody tried something like this?

Only thing is, I don't know how many grams of crab meat I have.

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noenemee · 20/05/2017 18:45

I just like crab quite plain so you get the flavour. My favourite is a crab salad sandwich on good brown bread, but I also like it with a little chopped up hardboiled egg and mayonnaise served with sourdough toast fingers, or homemade melba toast.

I'm not very fond of chicken skin myself, but some people really like it if it's crisped up.

skyzumarubble · 20/05/2017 18:52

Is the crab on top of the raw chicken in that picture?? Not a good idea.

Pesto would definitely work - might stop the skin crimping up, you could cut the breasts open and spread the pesto in and run a bit of oil on the skin.

Crab I know nothing about I'm afraid!

Artesia · 20/05/2017 19:03

If it's looked, just pile the crab on Melba toast with a squeeze of lime and a twist of black pepper. Yum!!!!

Artesia · 20/05/2017 19:03

Cooked even!

hellokittymania · 20/05/2017 19:13

Sky, the plastic is on top of the chicken.

The linguine recipe looks really nice, I don't have linguine, I have macaroni but I guess I could use that.

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