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Dairy milk alternatives

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wheresmyliveship · 04/05/2017 17:21

I have been lactose intolerant since childhood and have been exclusively drinking soya milk since. I have read some conflicting things about it and drinking it every day, but feel so overwhelmed with the different alternatives! I have ruled out coconut milk for the high fat content.

So I think it's oat or almond right? Which is "healthier"? And what about yogurt? I like soya yogurt with granola for a summer breakfast, but what yogurt actually has similar benefits to the dairy alternative?

Thanks in advance!

OP posts:
Blondie1984 · 04/05/2017 17:40

So the important thing is that you want to be looking for products that are fortified with calcium as that tends to be what people fall short on when they take dairy out of their diet.
Have you tried Lacto-Free? That's pretty good, essentially it's normal milk but with the lactose removed

Here ais an article you might want to read

StripeyZazie · 04/05/2017 23:58

Koko is a coconut based milk alternative that doesn't have a high fat content, especially the Light version. It's really nice. The Light version is 1.3g of fat per 100ml, so bit less than semi-skimmed.

wheresmyliveship · 05/05/2017 18:08

Really helpful - thanks!

OP posts:
FlukeSkyeRunner · 06/05/2017 08:17

Koko is lovely in porridge and baking. Also Oatly works very well and tastes nice.

PixieMiss · 06/05/2017 20:15

I second Oatly, the barista one I seem to prefer, not sure why!

accidentofstars · 06/05/2017 20:21

You can buy cartons of coconut milk to drink which is nice but, for cooking, i'd use almond milk as coconut milk can go a bit weird when heated. I haven't tried any others though.

helenfagain · 06/05/2017 20:24

Oat milk is lovely. We use it as ds seems to have an issue with dairy. DP actually prefers it to cows milk on cereal and now uses it every day.

wheresmyliveship · 07/05/2017 13:54

Well I ordered oat milk from Sainsbury's and it was substituted with soya! Will persevere and try to pick some up this week - thanks all!

OP posts:
TinklyLittleLaugh · 08/05/2017 17:11

There are three lactose intolerant people in our house. We use lactofree milk, butter, cheese, cream and yoghurts where necessary. It means I can just carry on cooking like I normally would.

sheepskinshrug · 09/05/2017 08:40

Oatly Barista version is great, nice and creamy.

Piehunter · 09/05/2017 08:42

I love oatly, I can normally have dairy but there are times when I can't and oat milk is my go to, don't miss cows milk at all. It's just price and getting through it when DH has cows milk that prevents me switching. It can be steamed and everything into hit drinks etc with no problems

BillHicksRanting · 13/05/2017 12:20

We have almond milk and have done for a long time. We think it's the nicest tasting one and it's great on cereal, in milkshakes, whatever.

sheepskinshrug · 13/05/2017 14:21

And waitrose do a brilliant avocado oil spread, with a sprinkling of maldon sea salt I can almost fool myself that I'm easting butter.

michelle303 · 18/05/2017 10:52

i love almond milk - has a nice flavour that complements a lot of foods and drinks and is fortified with vitamins like B12.

INXS · 24/05/2017 19:52

sheepskinshrug ah, I never thought of spreads. Can you cook with stuff like that?

sheepskinshrug · 24/05/2017 20:32

We have baked with it. For cooking(frying) I prefer to cook with an oil if I'm not using butter. Dripping, Olive Oil, Rice Bran Oil - for flavourless oil - oddly don't like avocado oil but it's good to cook with. Have recently started thinking about the high levels of arsenic in rice, there is no regulations about this as yet but it is definitely an issue - apparently rice milk is not good for this, soak rice over night and boil in plenty of water -starting to think I should ditch the rice bran oil.

INXS · 25/05/2017 07:21

Thank you! Good to know.

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