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Want gratin potatoes, what chicken dish (not roast)?

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KanyesVest · 29/04/2017 23:36

Ten people coming for dinner on Monday. I want gratin potatoes and I've loads of chicken thighs/legs. I could do chasseur or a chicken and bacon stew. I usually just roast the pieces so don't really want to do that.

Which of the two would you prefer or would suggest as an alternative?

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Heratnumber7 · 29/04/2017 23:45

I love coq au vin, and it's easy to make.

KanyesVest · 30/04/2017 00:19

Could you suggest a recipe? I've never cooked coq au vin before. And most importantly, does it go with potato gratin??

OP posts:
AdaColeman · 30/04/2017 00:24

I agree coq au vin would go well with potatoes gratin. Wine

AdaColeman · 30/04/2017 00:31

For a recipe, have a look at Delia on line, she is usually reliable for classic dishes. Wine

Bloomed · 30/04/2017 00:32

Coq au vin or chasseur would be great with gratin. Or maybe hunter's chicken (cacciatora)
For coq au vin I have always used Nigel Slayer's recipe

Bloomed · 30/04/2017 00:33

perfect typo *Slater.
Nigel Slayer sounds like my kind of superhero!

AdaColeman · 30/04/2017 00:42

Oh I do like Nige!
His recipe that you've linked to is fab, and worth reading just for his intro.

Bloomed · 30/04/2017 01:39

Yes Ada it's like therapy!

Wh0Kn0wsWhereTheTimeGoes · 30/04/2017 02:31

TBH I would just roast the chicken, potato gratin is so rich that something like coq au vin would be too much. I do love coq au vin but it goes much better with plain potatoes.

KanyesVest · 30/04/2017 08:42

Yes, that recipe of Nigel's does sound good. Thanks.

OP posts:
eternalopt · 30/04/2017 08:47

This is my favourite go to chicken recipe. The tarragon is lovely

eternalopt · 30/04/2017 08:47

And I think gratin and green beans would be lovely with it

Bloomed · 01/05/2017 00:11

That looks delicious. I forget to cook with tarragon.

KanyesVest · 01/05/2017 19:55

I did Nigel's coq au vin and twas lush. It ended up being more BBQ than hearty stew weather, so we st outside to eat it!

OP posts:
Bloomed · 01/05/2017 23:33

Great! Good old Nige. I must start cooking more again.

AdaColeman · 01/05/2017 23:36

Oh glad it all went well, it's so nice when posters come back to say what they made!

KanyesVest · 01/05/2017 23:42

Bloomed, I cook all the bloody time a lot so it was lovely to try something new. I'll be trying out the other suggested recipes too.

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