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Help - mum bleached some melanine cutlery! Is it still safe to eat with?

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SakuraFlower · 21/03/2017 21:46

Hello! I'm new to Mumsnet but as I couldn't find any advice online I thought I'd ask here for advice. Basically my mum decided to "clean" some stained melanine plastic spoons by submerging them in undiluted bleach (no idea what brand) overnight. She then doused them in washing up liquid mixed with hot water the next morning, which she also left to soak.

I had no idea she planned to do this so I was quite panicked when I saw her pouring all of this bleach down the sink. The shame is the spoons have sentimental value so it would be sad if they can't be used again. They don't look corroded from the bleach, actually look very clean...! Any advice or help would be appreciated, thank you :)

OP posts:
ThreeFish · 21/03/2017 22:36

As a fan of bleach for removing stains, I would say they will be fine as long as well rinsed in clean water.

As an aside, are you sentimentally attached to a plastic spoon? Confused

SakuraFlower · 22/03/2017 21:58

Thanks for the advice :) haha no but they're part of a set of cutlery and bowls given to us by dear relatives a long time ago

OP posts:
reallyanotherone · 22/03/2017 22:00

Yes it's fine. Milton sterilising fluid for baby bottles etc is just bleach (sodium hypochlorite, exactly the same chemical).

AnaisB · 22/03/2017 22:02

Its fine.

EyeStye · 22/03/2017 22:02

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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