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What to do with lots of ice cream?

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OreoDream · 19/03/2017 01:26

I've got about 6 open tubs of different varieties of ice cream which I'm not that keen on sitting in the fridge. Mostly chocolate / salted caramel flavours.

Any ideas for what I can do with it? I'm wondering if there's any kind of ice cream 'cake' I could make? Possibly with a bit of fruit to make it a bit healthier!

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BillyButtfuck · 19/03/2017 01:48

Arctic roll?
Why is your ice cream in the fridge and not the freezer!?

MommaGee · 19/03/2017 01:49

Can you decant them so you have less tubs? How do you even end up with6 own tubs odd the sane flavor?

User543210 · 19/03/2017 01:53

With Easter coming up, split the chocolate eggs in half and put ice cream in them like bowls. Its awesome!

OreoDream · 19/03/2017 02:05

User that's an excellent idea! DC will love that.

OP posts:
OreoDream · 19/03/2017 02:07

I meant to say freezer!

I have 6 open ones because I've been trying out different kinds of dairy free ice creams and have all the brands I don't like left over.

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DioneTheDiabolist · 19/03/2017 02:15

OP, I have never experienced lots of ice cream without it becoming no ice cream within hours.Blush Sorry I can't help.Thanks

OreoDream · 19/03/2017 02:21

Haha! Sadly I don't have a massive sweet tooth as too much makes me nauseous.

DC could demolish it in minutes if I let them and then be sick

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