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Making a pizza thin and not brick like

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THirdEeye · 04/03/2017 18:00

So I made my own pizza dough and then made us all pizza for dinner.

I encountered two problems...

1: when I transferred the pizza to my pizza stone, it lost its shape and was uneven in thickness.

2: the dough was tasty but too thick!

When rolling it out, should I do this directly onto baking making it easier to transfer to the Oven?

Any suggestions?

OP posts:
0dfod · 04/03/2017 18:03

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BarchesterFlowers · 04/03/2017 18:06

I just roll mine out very thinly and then lift it onto a pizza tray with the help of my rolling pin. My pizzas have a fairly rustic appearance but the dough is thin and even thickness.

ChuckDaffodils · 04/03/2017 18:28

I do it on foil, and direct onto a stone or in an earth oven. Ideally to transfer you need a pizza peel. I do them ultra thin as we like them crispy.

starsinyourpies · 04/03/2017 18:35

Lots of flour on working surface when you roll it out.

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