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Help! Need an idea for a startee

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Chinnygirl · 12/02/2017 13:10

Hi all,

We are having friends over for dinner tonight. Because everybody has a diet or allergy we are eating tortilla's with different filling to accomodate everyone.

I need an idea for a light starter which fits with the rest. Glutenfree, lactosefree, no alcohol, low in fat, no legumes or onions or garlic. Any ideas?

OP posts:
AdaColeman · 12/02/2017 13:22

Trio of home made fish pâtés sardine, mackerel and salmon served with salad
Egg mayonnaise

AdaColeman · 12/02/2017 13:26

Large bowls of olives, sun dried tomatoes, aubergines, those spicy little peppers etc sort of pick and mix.

AtleastitsnotMonday · 12/02/2017 14:37

Melon and Prosciutto

Chinnygirl · 12/02/2017 15:00

Thank you. I will make a selection of different things. That way everyone can choose.

OP posts:
AdaColeman · 12/02/2017 16:49

They are a difficult group to cater for! Have a lovely night! Wine Wine

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