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Vegan dinner party - help please!

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pepperpot99 · 20/01/2017 19:24

Hello lovely people
I'm doing dinner for 6 people next week and it's all going to be vegan so I would really appreciate any suggestions or ideas. I am especially keen on anything I can make a couple of days early and freeze/refridgerate due to work etc.
Thanks a lot in advance Grin

OP posts:
tshirtsuntan · 20/01/2017 19:29

There are some nice looking vegan recipes in January's sainsbury magazine. They're credited to

hugoagogo · 20/01/2017 19:30

Is it a fancy kind of dinner party or more casual?

BikeRunSki · 20/01/2017 19:30

Veggie chilli with rice or jacket spuds
Maybe with Tacos ?

Substantial salad with avocados, spinach, olives, lettuce, toms, cucumber

Vegan brownies with berries - maybe warmed up to a compote type thing.

Deucebumps · 20/01/2017 19:35

Vegetable curry always goes down a treat with my vegan DP, or veg fajitas.... My advice is not to try recreating a meat/dairy dish with vegan alternatives- I tried making macaroni cheese with vegan 'cheese' and it was vile! That said I made some dark choc truffles over Christmas that were gorgeous - so simply to make couldn't even tell they were dairy free!

BrondeBombshell · 20/01/2017 19:37

Sauté onions. Add a can of mushed chick pea burgers kidney beans, table spoon of tahini and a dessert spoon of maple syrup.
mold in to loaf shap3 and bake

Serve with home made sauce of sauted garlic and chilli and liquidis3d can of tomatoes.
serve with seet potato mash and salad.

GhostInTheBackOfYourHead · 20/01/2017 19:38

I love Pinterest and the Vegan for vegan recipes. I love vegan food and it's much easier to make than you might think. Don't forget the vegan wine if you're planning alcohol.

pepperpot99 · 20/01/2017 19:38

Thanks so much! It's going to be a relaxed affair, not formal or posh in any way. Love the sound of those brownies BikeRunSki, thanks xx

OP posts:
GhostInTheBackOfYourHead · 20/01/2017 19:38

Sorry. Should read *the Vegan Society.

BearFoxBear · 20/01/2017 19:40

Bruschetta is simple and easy. Mushroom, chestnut and cranberry wellington or tart would be nice too. Then maybe avocado chocolate pudding - delicious and only takes minutes to make, you can do it in advance too.

I'm hungry now!

BearFoxBear · 20/01/2017 19:41

Simple and tasty I mean!

hugoagogo · 20/01/2017 19:42

Bean chilli and some sort of nice bread and salad is always a hit here.

Blazedandconfused · 20/01/2017 19:48

Asian food is often vegan- look up Indian or Thai recipes.

Onion bhaji, samosa, satay mushrooms. Veg of tofu curries, tofu maybe. With rice.

OrlandaFuriosa · 20/01/2017 19:50

As far as I recall, Swedish glacé is vegan, worth checking, certainly dairy free. With berries and brownies a fabby pudding,

Bruschetta to begin with, mixed, tomato, spicy garlicky kale/spinach as the other. V pretty on plate, geeen and red. Easy to make toppings in advance and warm through. Or guacamole, artichoke purée , hummus with bread. Or all of them as a mixture, served as a starter but with drinks before you sit down.

If not chilli, either a bake eg aubergine, tomato and eg hummus, or a pasta ( check not egg pasta)

Lots and lots of options.

NicknameUsed · 20/01/2017 19:57

Jamie Oliver's vegan shepherd's pie is unbelievably good. The chocolate and raspberry cake from the Vegan Society website is really special and fit for a posh dinner party.

BikeRunSki · 20/01/2017 20:56

Vegan choc mousse made from avocados, blended with agave syrup and cocoa powder is delicious. I used to make it for DD's friend who was dairy intolerant, when they were tiny 3-4-5 and they'll loved it Although I used honey rather than agave syrup, but the sweetness and syrupiness is very similar.

pepperpot99 · 20/01/2017 22:07

Thank you very much everyone xx

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