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Gammon in coke

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Beewhisperer · 16/01/2017 19:50

I keep reading about gammon in coke.
I don't really like gammon but we've ended up with three big steaks as part of a deal from the butchers.
Can I use them rather than a joint in coke? Can I do it in the slow cooker and how much coke shiukd I use?
Oh and what does it actually taste like?

OP posts:
Beewhisperer · 16/01/2017 19:51

Sorry so many rambling questions. Thank you

OP posts:
delawar · 16/01/2017 19:59

It's on parr with honey ham I think , I done it in a slow cooker just cover the whole ham although not sure about gammon slices , I usually finish it in the oven for 20 mins but that might just be me.

BlueClearSkies · 16/01/2017 22:12

I do a ham boiled in coke for a couple of hours, then baked in the oven for about 30 mins. It tastes slightly sweet with a caramely flavour. I like cherry coke with cherry jam as a glaze.

I do not think it would work with gammon steaks.

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