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Packed lunches for weight loss - no ability to heat

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secondhoneymoon · 03/01/2017 18:23

Getting no responses on diet thread so posting here - please help - love my food and best chance of succeeding is if I don't feel hungry
'Yet another attempt at losing weight. Need to take a packed lunch to avoid temptation of calorific lunch options in the canteen. Apart from sandwiches, salads, flasks of soup, what else could i take to work? No heating facilities so has to be good and satisfying cold'

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secondhoneymoon · 04/01/2017 23:07

Thanks again all. This week is salads using up leftovers, will be ready for something different next week, will def buy wide flask and try some of your other suggestions thank you.
I found out today that cold cauliflower cheese is actually quite tasty!

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