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What to cook for my mum?

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TheCatsWhiskers · 11/12/2016 17:04

My father recently passed away. He was a fantastic cook, which suited my mum as she hated cooking.

To help her out l'm going to make her some meals she can freeze and heat up. I've not had great experiences of freezing fog before, it never seems to taste as good.

She wants to learn to cook, but at the moment it's too overwhelming.

Any suggestions? She likes all types of food. They enjoyed food from around the world. Thanks.

OP posts:
TheCatsWhiskers · 11/12/2016 17:05

Obviously freezing fog should be freezing food Blush

OP posts:
Blondie1984 · 11/12/2016 17:13

How about things like curries and tagines - they tend to improve with keeping - and then she just needs to do some rice and couscous when she eats

INeedNewShoes · 11/12/2016 17:18

Tomato or stock-based things often taste better after freezing where as anything white sauce/cheese based doesn't seem to freezer as well.


Perhaps once she's feeling more able to have a go at things, you could teach her some of the simpler, quick recipes like stir fries (using a bag of pre-prepped veg if necessary) where its just a case of throwing it in a pan with some oil. These meals that take 10 minutes to prepare but are tasty are a brilliant way to increase confidence.

Empress13 · 11/12/2016 17:23

Stews, curries, lasagne, chilli, pies, chicken in sauces (I buy the jars in Tesco's) she then just has to do rice. I find most meals taste better after they have had time to marinate after being frozen, the flavours really tend to come out.

TheCatsWhiskers · 11/12/2016 17:35

Curries are a good call, she really likes these and there are so many variations that I can try.

I've made some bolognese tonight for her.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I will try individual pies too as they are very filling.

Tagine will be good as she loves those flavours.

Just hope I can live up to dads standards.

OP posts:
whataboutbob · 13/12/2016 18:17

Pasta dishes freeze well, lasagne is the classic one or you can make a lot of spag bol sauce and freeze into individual portions. I find it actually tastes better after it's been frozen and defrosted. Cakes freeze well too, you could make a few cupcakes/ muffins/ mini cakes and she can defrost them individually as she goes. She's lucky to have you!

FinallyHere · 13/12/2016 20:14

This is very good of you, its difficult, too, especially in the early days for her to even imagine what she might like. I imagine her sense of taste may be suppressed by grief.

How about starting with a selection of ready meals from M&S or Waitrose? Pick a random selection to freeze and then see which ones she chooses to try first. This might give you some idea of what appeals to her and what she might like to learn how to make. All the best.

secondhoneymoon · 13/12/2016 22:01

Sorry for your loss x she'll possibly not have much of an appetite so things that are easy to eat. I'd batch cook some mince and onions, make a couple of shepherds pies. Then add tomatoes, herbs and garlic to the remaining mince, freeZe some with cooked pasta or make lasagnes . Then add chilli beans if she likes chilli and freeze with rice. If you live nearby. Portion up some of whatever you're having for tea. Tough times for you all, I'm sure she'll appreciate whatever you do x

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