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Really easy sweet baking ideas for cooking with a toddler

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RedStripeLassie · 27/11/2016 08:09

We don't have scales though!!!
I'd really like to try something like flapjacks or a traybake but nothing that needs precise measurements. Thanks Smile

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PotteringAlong · 27/11/2016 08:11

Chocolate rice crispy cakes?

DartmoorDoughnut · 27/11/2016 08:13

I genuinely don't think you can bake without measuring unless you find some US recipes that do cups maybe? If you can then I think gingerbread is a good first one, my toddler doesn't like sticky hands and as it has no egg in it he can get stuck in

mylittlephoney · 27/11/2016 08:13

I second rice crispy treats. Or Tiffin is easy. Have fun

polkadotdelight · 27/11/2016 08:15

If you look at american recipes they use a cup measurement instead of weight. You can google tbe equivalent in fluid oz and use a jug or find a cup in the cupboard that is the same size. I bake with DS (who is 2) but I premeasure each ingredient into a tub and let him tip each one in as he is still young.

PotteringAlong · 27/11/2016 08:15

And buy these for £3.70!

RedStripeLassie · 27/11/2016 08:18

Wow, those are cheap!
Rice crispie chocolates it is Smile
What's tiffin?

OP posts:
RedStripeLassie · 27/11/2016 08:18

I'll take a look at some American recipes too.

OP posts:
PinkiePiesCupcakes · 27/11/2016 08:21

2 Ingredient Chocolate Fudge OP.
No Weighing or scales necessary but you will need a lined 20cm x 20cm cake tin.

Pop Tesco and get some cooking Chocolate, enough bars to equal around 450G
whilst there pick up a tin of sweetened condensed milk, should be around 395g
also pick up some things for the toppings, mini smarties, M&Ms, cake decorations etc, what ever you child wants really.
Have child break up half the chocolate and put in heat proof mixing bowl.
Heat in the microwave for 1 minute, take out and stir.
Have child break more chocolate and drop in whilst you stir it in.
heat chocolate in 15 second bursts to keep it melted.
when all the chocolate is melted and nice and smooth have child pour in the condensed milk and quickly stir as it will set rapidly.
once mixed, spoon into cake tin.
Then let you LO go mad with decorations, pop it the fridge for a couple hours, cut into squares and enjoy.


NannyR · 27/11/2016 08:22

I'd invest in a set of cheap scales, you can buy them at supermarkets. I find baking is great for learning number and measuring concepts, I love doing it with children, they are so proud of the end result and you get something tasty out of it too.

TeaPleaseLouise · 27/11/2016 08:23

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Nyancat · 27/11/2016 08:28

Was going to suggest 15s too, if DC doesn't like cherries (ours don't) it works equally well if you replace the cherries with malteasers.

horizontilting · 27/11/2016 08:30

The banana cookies recipe - mash a banana and stir in a cup of oats. I just guess at a cup. Form into cookies (loosely) Bake. Can even be done in microwave. From the mumsnet YouTube recipe channel in the sidebar. Lots of handy ones there.

RedStripeLassie · 27/11/2016 09:16

15s sound yummy

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