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christening cake

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whitelucy60 · 19/08/2016 14:54

Help I'm trying to make a christening cake and can't seem to find a good easy full proof recipe as its my first attempt anyone know a Victoria sponge recipe for a 6 inch and 8 inch cake please

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ohidoliketobe · 19/08/2016 14:57

This is in webchat section! You'll get a better response in chat due to number of users or in the specific cakes and bakes section. I've reported it for you and asked MNHQ to move it

KateSMumsnet · 19/08/2016 15:57

Hullo whitelucy - we'll move this to a more appropriate topic for you. Best of luck with your bake!

whitelucy60 · 20/08/2016 06:21

Thank you it's the first time I've been on he sorry for the disruption

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