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Picnic food

4 replies

Mummyoftwo91 · 16/08/2016 12:49

What's everyone's favourite thing to make for a picnic, needing some inspiration!

OP posts:
SheDoneAlreadyDoneHadHerses · 16/08/2016 18:37

Homemade potato salad with mayo and onions (DP doesn't eat it as the mayo makes him gip, so more for me!)
Lidl bakery half-baguettes, buttered with jamon and emmenthal slices
Aldi pesto olives
cheese and onion rolls (the veggie versions of sausage rolls)

BrieAndChilli · 16/08/2016 18:45

Large round loaf hollowed out and filled with layers of cheeses, cold meats and salads. Place top back on and cut into wedges.

lastqueenofscotland · 17/08/2016 07:56

Am I right in thinking you're a veggie OP?

Naice bread and hummus
Tortilla chips and salsa
Cous cous salad
Pasta salad

FusionChefGeoff · 17/08/2016 09:21

I always do some chicken nuggets - homemade if I cba - make enormous batches for freezer then cook and chill per picnic

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