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Healthy toddler cereals?

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SweetPea79 · 24/07/2016 21:43

He's a boy, he eats A LOT but he seems to get bored of the same thing on a daily basis, he was having Bear Alphabites (I think they're called) but I obviously didn't give him enough variety so now he won't touch them.

At the moment he's on Wheatabix but I plan to change to something else at the end of this box. I tend to feed half the RDA for breakfast (because it doesn't tell you how many grams are a portion for an under two). He has a GOOD appetite and is a healthy weight.

Can I have a list of TOP healthy breakfasts? Happy to make and bake stuff in advance but I'm not a morning person so I need to be able to serve and retire with a cup of tea until the world comes into focus...

OP posts:
thenewaveragebear1983 · 24/07/2016 21:51

I think the only actually healthy cereal is porridge oats cooked yourself with milk. Most breakfast cereals are ridiculously unhealthy and very sugary (especially, oddly, the blandest ones like branflakes)
I have always given breakfast cereals such as Cheerios, shreddies and weetabix to my kids with fruit, yoghurt, toast, eggs and other breakfast foods on rotation as part of a healthy diet. My older ds has cocopops and 'healthy ' boring cereal half and half

Highlove · 25/07/2016 14:19

Shredded wheat and weetabix are the only ones we have. But, as a PP says, pre-prepped breakfast cereal is by its nature nutritionally a bit rubbish. So we mix it up with:

Overnight oats/Bircher muesli - I soak normal oats in milk and yog rather than Apple juice, but then grate in an apple and chuck in some sultanas. It's delicious and good if you're not into morning - remove from fridge and serve!
Pancakes - when I'm organised I make the batter the night before so it's easy in the morning
Oatcakes with cheese/ham/whatever
Toast/toasted bagel with peanut butter
Yoghurt with banana mashed in plus a dollop of peanut butter (night before is fine; will need a stir though)
Boiled egg and toast
Scrambled egg and toast
Savoury or sweet but low/no sugar muffins - take one out the night before

Bryna · 25/07/2016 14:25

My DS 2 1/2 also likes variety but what I fall back on is instant oats ( own brand readybrek) I then mix in different fruit to flavour, raspberries, blueberries, banana etc a new flavour everyday! As it's very low sugar (the box we have at the mo is 1g per 100g) I don't mind adding fruit to sweeten it

Gileswithachainsaw · 25/07/2016 14:28

The omelettes and scrambled eggs don't take long.

Pre chop any meat/cheese/peppers etc the night before.

If you are boiling the kettle for a coffee just fill it up a bit more and use the water for poached eggs. Again pretty quick.

Scrambled eggs can be done quickly in the microwave.

Pancake batter can be prepped night before.

French toast. Again quick.

Sugar/salt free peanut butter and banana on toast.

Shredded wheat

They are about the only decent cereals the rest are just sugar and air

LakeFlyPie · 25/07/2016 21:36

After pretty much 4 solid years of porridge for breakfast DS2 has started eating 'dinner' for breakfast.
Pasta with tuna and sweet corn is the current favourite. He sometimes chooses eggs or beans on toast.

I don't see why most types of leftovers can't be breakfast (if they're considered a healthy meal at other times of the day)

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