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Freezer Meals

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lostindevon · 19/07/2016 18:34

Hello Everyone,
I'm looking for some inspiration,
I'm 7.5 months pregnant and keen to get some meals cooked and frozen for when baby no3 arrives!
I would like healthy (ish) cheap (ish) family friendly meals that freeze well.......
Any suggestions for me?

OP posts:
cudbywestrangers · 20/07/2016 07:40

Chilli, pasta sauces, shepherds pie, curry...

Hopelass · 20/07/2016 07:42

I currently have Bolognese sauce, chilli, two different soups, lentil curry, a sausage and bean thing, lamb tagine and beef stew in the freezer.

Highlove · 20/07/2016 08:10

I'm doing the same right now, OP. So far I've got chilli and shepherd's pie. Also going in the freezer will be bolognaise, lasagne, fish pie, basic tomato sauce which can be used in a variety of ways, sausage and tomato pasta sauce (Google Jamie's pregnant jools' pasta sauce), ham and lentil soup, and maybe some other soups.

Think that's about it but will be watching this thread with interest. Wouldn't mind something else fishy but not sure what.

lastqueenofscotland · 20/07/2016 13:21

Leek and potato soup freezes really well.



Shepherds pie




lostindevon · 25/07/2016 15:10

Oops I forgot about this thread!
Thank you for the ideas.
I had no idea that risotto would freeze well?! That's one of my favs, so im pleased to hear this!

OP posts:
TondelayaDellaVentamiglia · 25/07/2016 15:17

i've also done things like

Kievs ...fill chicken breast with garlic butter, cover in crumbs, freeze/ defrost, pan fry finish in oven with oven chips, serve with peas/salad

Hunter's Chicken and bash chicken breast flat, fold around nice wedge of cheddar, roll up and wrap with bacon, freeze/defrost, make a bit of sauce with pesto, ketchup, splash of stock, into oven and serve with mash end of possibilities
Those "American Soccer Mom" dinners in a bag.....have a google, but are fab if you have a slow cooker.

lostindevon · 25/07/2016 20:49

Ooh that all sounds interesting.
Will get googling, I do have a slow cooker and love it, but only ever tely do stews and casseroles! X

OP posts:
wobblywonderwoman · 25/07/2016 22:00

You could cook a lot of mash and freeze - I often do loads on a Sunday and it's so handy (just quickly pan fry some salmon and frozen peas)

Stew, braised steak, curry

lostindevon · 25/07/2016 22:39

Oh yes of course, I didn't think of mash on its own, often do cottage pie etc but your right just having the mash ready to go would save time!

OP posts:
wobblywonderwoman · 25/07/2016 23:02

Good luck with your pregnancy. You know, some days you will be glad of a bit of cooking. I batch cooked and filled the freezer but sometimes I loved taking the day to shop for a nice dinner and cook something from scratch

lostindevon · 29/07/2016 21:54

Thanks wobbly.

OP posts:
THirdEeye · 31/07/2016 14:54

Casseroles/stews/curry/ragu sauce/chilli all freeze well.

When freezing lasgana, I actually build up the layers into one of those foil containers that you can buy at the supermarket and then freeze (without cooking it). I then take this out to defrost and then cook as normal. I prefer to do it this way, as I found cooking then freezing it, results in a more congealed bechamel sauce.

You may find it helpful that you double up when making food now. This way half can be frozen into portions and the other can be eaten.

Sammysquiz · 31/07/2016 15:15

I made loads of soups when I was pregnant. Found them good for lunch on days when I was too knackered to bother making a sandwich or similar, but could bring myself to heat up soup!

lostindevon · 05/08/2016 21:44

Ooh yes Sammy soup!
That's a good idea: really easy too.
I'll look up some recipes.

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