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What are you eating this eve? Kids and Adults

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Upplaaah · 12/07/2016 12:36

I am really bored of our menus....we as adults tend to follow a low (ish) carb philosophy so it's mainly protein and veg and although i get a bit bored generally we know what we are doing. I don't want to feed the kids the same as they are always starving at 5pm and DH not home until 7. Also I know they need carbs...but their week is basically:

Jacket potato and tuna / cheese / beans
Meze (humous, veg, pitta)
Homemade pizza (cheese, ham, olives etc)
Beans on Toast with cheese
Tuna pasta bake
Spag bol
Salmon & Spaghetti
Fish fingers and potatoes, peas
Chilli con carne (no spice) and rice
Sausages, potato, veg

That's about all I ever cook for them and I think it's so boring and not especially healthy? DC1 can't have lactose but we use lactose free cheese but generally avoid cream/butter etc, she also will not eat eggs in any form so can't do omelettes. I do do scrambled eggs / omelette for my other DC but usually at lunch when DC1 is not here.

Please give me some new ideas! In winter i also do more shepherds pie, roast chicken type stuff but feels a bit to wintery at the moment. Both my kids are quite adventurous so I know I should be experimenting more but just got into a rut!

Anything that parents and kids can eat (can sit on the side until DH gets in...) would also be good. We don't have a slow cooker.


OP posts:
UmbongoUnchained · 12/07/2016 12:44

Christ that is boring!

My toddler is lactose intolerant but there is still so much she can have now they do all the free from stuff.

This week we're having
Chicken teriyaki with sticky rice and peas
Hunters chicken with spicy wedges and veg
Seafood udon noodle soup with homemade chicken gyoza
Pulled pork cheesey hot dogs with corn and carrots.

lastqueenofscotland · 12/07/2016 12:52

What about fajitas
Stir fry with noodles
Curries (ie a korma with coconut milk and not cream)
Falafel wraps with hummus

Stevie77 · 12/07/2016 12:53

Chicken legs roast in the oven with lots of paprika and teriyaki which we'll have with rice and peas.

They also have meatballs, chicken schnitzel (home made), fish fingers, sausages, Bolognese/lasagne, cheesy pasta (lazy day tea). They also love salmon but I never serve it with pasta. They have curries sometimes and love noodles.

Upplaaah · 12/07/2016 14:52

Thanks! Yes actually we do do some of these (sometimes need reminding). They both like fajitas, meatballs and paella just haven't done for a while, but all are pretty quick!

I never make them curry (and should) and also things like hunters chicken would go down well I am sure. Hot dogs also a good idea. Thanks, keep them coming!

OP posts:
cressetmama · 12/07/2016 20:46

Risotto, this evening we had salmon on lentils with a herb crust. Tomorrow is probably fish pie night.

mistyegg · 12/07/2016 20:49

Moussaka and veg

nilbyname · 12/07/2016 20:51

Salmon noodles and stir fry veg
Prawn linguini
Chorizo pasta with feta
Meat balls
Turkey burgers
Hot dogs
Chilli and guacamole
Chicken fingers with cous cous and salad
Beef tagine
Lemon and lime chicken
Steak and chips

pieceofpurplesky · 12/07/2016 20:53

This week's menu

Monday chicken, new pots, veg and a gravy/sauce thing
Today Paella
Tomorrow chilli (cooking now in slow cooker)
Thursday stir fry with noodles and prawns
Friday salmon, homemade sweet potato fries and salad
Saturday homemade burgers served with bacon and cheese
Sunday - we are out!

Other things we eat are jambalaya, pasta, hot pot (DS favourite), spicy sausage casserole, curry, lots of fish ...
I cook everything from scratch to slimming world plan!

nilbyname · 12/07/2016 20:57


CatherineDeB · 12/07/2016 21:00

Tonight we had wraps with chicken, dressed salad, tiny tomatoes, avocado, cheese, sour cream, self assembly from piles of food on a chopping board.

Rest of the week, pea and Parmesan risotto, lentil curry with vegetables, salmon with ginger and noodles, figs and goats cheese cooked on puff pastry with salad and probably a lamb biriani.

I get bored easily with food and don't make the same stuff more than twice a month.

Blueberry234 · 12/07/2016 21:03

Tonight the children had fish fingers, beans and chips we had jacket potato, salad and tuna.
Tomorrow roasted veg and goat cheese bake
Friday sticky salmon stir fry
Saturday- tuna pasta bake
Sunday roast chicken all trimmings
Monday fajitas

CatherineDeB · 12/07/2016 21:05

Must add that we all eat the same, always have done, there is no way I am cooking twice!

lilacclery · 12/07/2016 21:47

Following Smile

FayaMAMA · 13/07/2016 01:17

I eat the same as my girls (3), at pretty much the same time as them; we're (i am) so busy that the thought of cooking twice makes my head spin! We don't eat a traditional diet, but we don't eat much dairy (I'm intolerant) or eggs either so maybe our meal plans will be helpful to you! I'm on a very strict budget and schedule, so I literally follow a 3 week rota (like school dinners...) and here it is:

Week 1:
monday - green banana smoothies and take out fries
tuesday - spag bol w green veggies
wednesday - tacos, burritos or nachos (leftover spag bol plus beans and mild spices) and guac or cashew sauce
thursday - soup bread and salad
friday - DINNER OUT (girls)
saturday - rice noodles, soy sauce, veg stir fry
sunday - roasted veggies with potatoes and leafy greens

Week 2:
monday - smoothies
tuesday - homemade pizzas (no cheese)
wednesday - mushroom risotto
thursday - pesto pasta bake (add leftover risotto if any)
friday - DINNER OUT (Nanny)
saturday - curry night - samosas, rice, chapatis and coconut curry
sunday - roast

Week 3:
monday - smoothies
tuesday - sweet potato wedges, falafel, hummus, cashew sauce and veggie dippers
wednesday - avocado toast with baked beans
thursday - salad, soup and bread
friday - DINNER OUT (grandad)
saturday - PASTA NIGHT
sunday - Thai green curry, broccoli, greens, rice

I guess our "menu" is pretty boring too, and sometimes we mix it up or swap days around but it's the best I could think of for my time frames! We don't eat meat, but obviously you could sub in chicken or anything you like to our "menu".

KenilworthMum · 13/07/2016 12:17

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

CatherineDeB · 13/07/2016 12:46

Sounds lovely Kenilworth. Smile.

I have made a curry today, someone on here recommended a book called Whole Foods Slow Cooked. After not using my slow cooker more than twice a year for about ten years because I didn't like the mush that came out of it I am now loving it.

Today's dinner is a beef, lentil, split pea and bulgur wheat curry - no idea what it will be like yet, apparently it is a recipe from Pakistan (if we believe the book).

To make it child friendly I cook it with whole Kashmiri chillies to give it a bit of depth and take them out mid way rather than using chilli powder so not as hot as I would like but it has got all the other spices/fresh ginger & garlic in it.

Paulat2112 · 13/07/2016 13:12

We are having fajita pasta tonight :D altho not good if you low carb lol

Hiddenaspie1973 · 13/07/2016 13:16

Roast chicken with peri salt sliced into salad with boiled egg, cous cous or pasta
Home made lasagne with garlic bread and salad
Chick n bacon pie
Deep fried battered fish fillet and chips
I'm guilty of doing the same things too often but am trying to break out.

smoothieooo · 13/07/2016 13:22

I have some sausages (nice, 97% meat ones) which I need to use, but we had bratwurst yesterday so instead, I'm going to squeeze the meat out of the skins and roll into balls to cook and serve with pasta/spaghetti and sauce.

I have a similar go to food list to you op, but have been trying to vary it. Chicken / pork schnitzel goes down a treat (I'm coeliac so used g/f breadcrumbs). Also, home made tuna fishcakes and chicken curry (with a tomato based rather than creamy sauce).

KenilworthMum · 13/07/2016 15:04

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

ConciousUncoupling · 13/07/2016 19:15

We all eat the same but sometimes with a twist or a slight change.

Some recent ones:
roast chicken
oven baked ham with crusty bread and salads
fish and chips
chilli and rice (mildly spiced)
mild curries such as tikka or korma
chicken wraps
macaroni cheese
chinese style bits such as sweet and sour chicken and egg fried rice
chicken pie and veggies

elQuintoConyo · 13/07/2016 19:17

Tonight: pongcakes. For everyone, I don't cook twice and we always eat together.

  • how DS says 'pancakes' Grin
WilLiAmHerschel · 14/07/2016 17:50

What on earth could have been posted which broke the guidelines in this thread?? And that someone said was "yummy"? Confused

Looking for inspiration for my dinner but now I'm plagued with curiosity!

CatherineDeB · 14/07/2016 18:08

Just something sarcastic - like white bread, aspic and something else along with warning us off curry and couscous.

No idea why it was deleted though other than for being a PITA on what is a nice thread.

Statelychangers · 14/07/2016 20:13

We are low carb/paleo - dcs eat carbs but I don't get too fussed about their carbs - that is one food group kids have no problem getting enough of!
Tonight - steak fried onions and roasted squash/oven chips.
Egg rolls with duck tomorrow
Meatballs in Tomato sauce with broc/pasta
Kedergee - cauli rice for us
Chicken and veg traybake
Naked burgers made with red meat, bacon & liver for all of us - dcs have braces
Minestrone soup - pasta added separately.
Steak and chop salad - a bit like greek without the olives
fish with cherry tomato sauce - dh's fish is cooked when he gets home
Green/red thai curry or stir fry thing.

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