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Breakfast ideas

9 replies

Jayne266 · 26/06/2016 22:36

I am getting a bit bored of our current breakfast choices. Can you please tell me what you have for breakfast? We currently range between cereal, toast, boiled egg, pancakes (weekend treat only) and fruit.

OP posts:
LegoCaltrops · 26/06/2016 22:43

Moslty, I have a smoothie (fruit, spinach or cucumber, sometimes cacao powder, sometimes a spoon of honey etc).

Porridge in winter, or overnight oats in summer, I mostly use fruit juice as the liquid.

Chia pudding.

Homemade granola with fruit.

FurryDogMother · 26/06/2016 23:21

Mushrooms or tomatoes on toast, omelettes, home cured (to avoid the nitrates) bacon and eggs, crustless quiche (when I'm low carbing) made the day(s) before and served cold, cold frittata, hardboiled eggs and ham, or maybe cheese slices, the occasional croissant and apricot jam, or pain au chocolat, kedgeree if I have the time and inclination.

PinkyPlumet · 27/06/2016 10:14

Overnight oats with yoghurt and berries
Banana on toast with honey
Scrambled egg with Spinach and tomatoes on toast
Hot weetabix with almond milk

cdtaylornats · 27/06/2016 11:43


PinkyPlumet · 27/06/2016 11:48

^ helpful...

Hopingforsomesunshine · 27/06/2016 12:15

I like the same bfast so stick with fruit and bran flakes however the more interesting breakfasters in the household go for eggs/beans on toast, bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese, toasties or the recent summer addition of frozen smoothies (just like eating ice cream for breakfast!

Sparklesilverglitter · 28/06/2016 15:22

Porridge with berries

Fruit salad and full fat Greek yoghurt

Toast with peanut butter/jam/marmite

Smoothie & flapjack

Bagel with cream cheese and bacon or salmon

Poached eggs on toast

Sometime Alpen with added berries

At the weekend always Pancakes and maple syrup Grin

bombayflambe · 28/06/2016 15:26

Eldest DC (16) is eating French toast with a spicy tomato sauce a bit like a vodkaless bloody mary for breakfast each day at the moment. Certainly wakes them up!

BorpBorpBorp · 29/06/2016 15:46

Fruit and yoghurt. Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on toast. Breakfast quesadillas - folded flour tortilla filled with scrambled eggs, cut-up bacon, grated cheese, guacamole and salsa, and cooked in a dry frying pan so it's toasted on each side. It's a massive faff but nice if you've got a bit of time.

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