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Slow cooker cookbooks

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CatherineDeB · 16/06/2016 13:10

Has anyone got any cookbooks that they love. My slow cooker has emerged from the utility room - never liked it much before, everything tasted like it was overcooked and mushy but tbh I have only used it a dozen times in as many years.

I made something from the gourmet slow cooker last night and it was actually quite nice (I have had the book at least ten years!). It was an apricot chicken recipe, sort of in a persian/fragrant mild indian vein.

Thinking of buying these two but would love suggestions. Am now in a position where I could do with using it 3 x a week Sad so I need to get to grips with churning out things I actually want to eat.

I would like books (that work) rather than online resources.

This is a contender too, we do eat non meat dishes a few times a week.

Anyone have any of these or have any recommendations?

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FinallyHere · 16/06/2016 13:12

Mmmm, shin of beef, with a few onions and bouquet garni, left usually overnight or min 8hrs on auto, makes a delicious meal (we eat it with leafy green veg for one meal) and the leftover stock produces onion soup to die for. Hope you find what works for you.

Cookingongas · 16/06/2016 18:31

I have whole food slow cooked ( it's currently £4 in the works!!) and it has surpassed all expectations. I have made salt caramel park belly in tostadas, duck master stock, Malaysian chicken curry and baked beans. Every one has impressed. I want to cook everything from it. Love love it.

I also have Sara Lewis complete slow cooker which includes a potato and apple hot pot which I make regularly. ( and an amazing borscht, pheasant and celery, venison pie and crab gumbo) that I highly recommend.

Cookingongas · 16/06/2016 18:31

Pork. Not park belly

CatherineDeB · 16/06/2016 18:37

Bugger, I ordered it earlier from Amazon and have a Works 5 miles away! Pleased to hear that you like it though - we have inherited an Aga and of course have switched it off. I do have a crap oven and have just bought a halogen hob but I am not enjoying cooking right now (combination of crap oven and getting used to the hob) so looking to develop the slow cooker stuff.

I made a ham chowder in it today and it was good, I think when I tried using it before I had just turned it on and gone out rendering everything slightly overcooked by the time I got back but because I am here I seem to be faring much better.

OP posts:
Cookingongas · 16/06/2016 18:47

The whole food also has the option of conventional cooking each recipe- I've done this for the tarragon chicken- amazing . I'll be repeating it for Father's Day. Im sure you'll love it!

Cookingongas · 16/06/2016 18:51

Oh and not meaning to stalk you- the bolognese is great- I made it up, raw, froze it in a bag and slow cooked from frozen when I needed it. Took 10hours and was delicious.

CatherineDeB · 16/06/2016 19:41

I am looking forward to the book (shame it was £14!), I will report back next week Smile.

Hopefully I can turn my hatred of the thing around as it would make my life so much easier when I haven't got a decent oven. I can put things in my slow oven after breakfast and leave them all day with no risk of burning in the winter.

OP posts:
Munchkin08 · 16/06/2016 20:03

There's a Facebook page called - slow cooker saddo's and they have lots of good slow cooker recipes.

CatherineDeB · 16/06/2016 20:07

I haven't succumbed to Facebook Munchkin - I object to the principle of their sharing agreement, gather that there is a whole different world on there that I am possibly missing out on though Smile.

OP posts:
Munchkin08 · 16/06/2016 22:53

You can find loads on the internet X

CatherineDeB · 20/06/2016 12:10

cooking, I have got the Lamb Biriani in there at the minute, with chicken though not lamb Grin.

Smells good, interestingly no liquid apart from a bit of yoghurt. I was going to go for the Malaysian Chicken Curry but it was really early and I don't have curry powder as I mix my own spices. Too early to think about it without looking it up so the Biriani won (spellcheck changes biriani to a spelling I don't recognise!)

OP posts:
Cookingongas · 20/06/2016 19:04

Ooo- report back, if it works with chicken I'll add it to the meal plan! Lambs too expensive this week.

Lots of the recipes have no / little liquid- I think it's part of why they taste good. Lots of slow cooker meals end up tasting bland because of too much water imo.

CatherineDeB · 20/06/2016 19:11

It was divine, really lovely. I only had greek yoghurt with honey so I used that, instead of chilli powder I just left two whole kashmiri chillies in it all day. I sprinkled a bit of unsweetened desiccated coconut over it at the end. I didn't bother skinning and grating the tomatoes, I just chopped them fairly small and whacked them in - really amazing depth of flavour.

I can't believe it came out of my (very cheap and very ordinary) slow cooker.

I make a lot of curries from scratch and this was as good as anything out of my lovely curry cookbook (the Spice Taylor woman, I can't remember her name)

Really really pleased with it - I think you are right on the water front. Interestingly it didn't suggest adding water on the hob version either. There was enough liquid to coat all of the saffron rice, I stirred it all together and served it in the slow cooker pot.

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